3 Tips for Safely Exploring New Cities While Traveling

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Traveling to a new city can be a fun and exciting time where you get to see and experience new things that bring happiness and harmony to your life. However, being in a new environment that you’re unfamiliar with can also open you up to many dangers that you might not be aware of, like getting hit by a car, wandering into an unsafe neighborhood, or being targeted as a tourist by those who want to take advantage of you. So to help ensure that you’re able to go to a new city and have a great adventure there, here are three tips for safely exploring new cities while traveling.

Consider Taking Public Transportation

While public transportation can be unsafe in some areas, it can actually be the safest way for you to travel in many locations. According to Emily Majluf, a contributor to StudentUniverse.com, taking public transportation gives you the opportunity to see more of the local areas and get a real feel for the people and culture of this new place. Before you choose to take public transportation, make sure you do your own research about the options in the area you’ll be visiting so you can see if there are any particular precautions you should be taking or if public transportation really isn’t going to be the safest choice for you in a specific area.

Try Renting Rather Than Staying In Hotels

When going to a new city, you might be tempted to just stay at a hotel chain that you’re already familiar with. However, this can be a less safe option and can hinder you from truly exploring the city as you might like to. According to Alexander Besant, a contributor to The Globe and Mail, you might want to try staying at an Airbnb or renting a home or apartment from a rental service rather than staying at a hotel. Not only will this help you see how the people of that area live, but you could also avoid getting targeted as a tourist by those who try to prey on people traveling in hotels.

Stick To Public Places

Although you might want to see the less trafficked areas of a place you’re visiting, to be on the safe side, Rhiannon Edwards, a contributor to The Telegraph, advises that you stick to public places, especially at night. When you’re in a public place with a lot of other people, you’re less likely to be targeted by anyone looking to take advantage of tourists and other travelers. Keep in mind that there are safety in numbers, even if you don’t actually know any of the other people in this public area.

To help you safely explore a new city, consider using the tips mentioned above the next time you’re traveling to an unfamiliar destination.

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