5 Must Haves For a Family Road Trip

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Taking a road trip with the entire family is a fun opportunity to go on an adventure together.  Piling the whole family in the car and taking off to a new place can be a great way to grow closer and create memories that will last forever.

There are some essentials to make sure that you bring along with you, however, to ensure that you avoid any major issues.  When there are kids involved, it can be especially important that you anticipate all the necessities that you’ll need.

Here are some of the most important must-haves that you shouldn’t forget to take on your family road trip.

Car Seats

It’s essential to have car seats for the kids installed before you go.  For younger babies, you need a full car seat, while older kids require an attached booster.  Apart from being against the law to fail using a car seat for your child, it can also lead to serious injury following a car accident.

Since your children are precious little cargo, you should make sure you take all the precautions necessary to keep them safe.


Most parents already know that kids can be incredibly high maintenance in a car.  They tend to ask at least five thousand times an hour whether you’ve arrived yet, and always have to pee or get hungry at the worst possible moments.

Rather than having to get out every time they need something, it’s advantageous to have things on hand for when they get munchy.  Keeping non-perishable foods like fruit snacks, crackers, and juice boxes will help keep them satisfied during long legs between meals.

Baby Wipes and Sanitizer

Kids always seem to be spilling or staining things.  When you don’t have running water on hand to be able to clean up messes, it can get disastrous quickly.  The next best thing from a sink with running water is keeping baby wipes and sanitizer in the car.

A few squirts and wipes get the job done when they’ve got markers all over their hands or just spilled juice all over their shirt.


Although some parents find it convenient to bring a tablet in the car so the kids can play quietly in the back seat, it can lead to car sickness.  It also takes away from the opportunity to look around at the scenery and use their imaginations.

An audiobook or podcast is a beautiful way to keep the family entertained while still using their imaginations and interacting with the rest of the car.

First Aid Kit

When you’re on a road trip, you’re often in a rural area with no stores or pharmacies around.  It’s a safe bet to keep a first aid kit with everything you might need in a pinch, from band-aids and antiseptic to any medication.

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