3 Tips For Safer Travels On Your Next Motorcycle Ride

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Hitting the open road can be one of the most fun ways to travel from place to place. If you add into the equation riding a motorcycle rather than a traditional car, you can often get an even more intimate experience with the environment around you while road tripping. However, riding a motorcycle long distance can also be dangerous if you’re not prepared or used to this mode of transportation. So to help you avoid any type of motorcycle accident while on the road, here are three tips for safer travels on your next motorcycle trip

Live By “ATGATT”

Because there’s no car frame to protection motorcyclists when they’re driving down the road, you have to know how to best protect yourself. This means that you live by the rule of ATGATT. According to Michael Padway, a contributor to Motorcycle Legal Foundation, ATGATT is an acronym that stands for “All The Gear, All The Time.” By following this mindset, you’ll be much safer each time you sit on your bike because you’ll be wearing all your gear—including helmet, a jacket, gloves, boots, pants, and the right ear and eye protection—every time you ride. This is especially important when driving at high speeds, so you should at least follow ATGATT when taking long road trips on the highway or freeway.

Increase Your Own Following Distance

While motorcycles are smaller than most cars, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to keep a decent amount of space between themselves and other vehicles on the road. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, motorcyclists should be even more careful about the amount of following distance they leave. If you tailgate, you might not have enough time to react when you have to stop suddenly or avoid something in the road, both of which are much harder tasks to do when only on two wheels. So while you might be tempted to just zip in and out of cars when on your trip, make sure you’re being safe about it and keeping your distance when you can.

Double-Check The Weather At Every Pit Stop

Part of being safe while riding a motorcycle is being as prepared as you can be for whatever you might encounter on the road. One thing you should be doing to help you with your preparation, according to Aaron Gunderson, a contributor to Safewise.com, is to know the weather forecast for wherever you’re going. At each pit stop you take, check the weather to see if there are any bad road conditions ahead. If there are, consider changing your plans a bit to help you stay safe while on the road.

If you’re planning to take a motorcycle trip soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you increase your safety while doing so.

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