3 Ways To Change Up Your Travel Plans

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You go through your day to day life, get caught in a rut, and now you just need a break. Most of us reach for a weekend trip to the mountains or to a place where we can run our toes in the sand. Vacations are many people’s way of escape.

However, believe it or not, the usual trip to the beach can get old. There comes a time when you need a genuine change of scenery and a different theme to your getaway. Below are three different kinds of getaways that still offer the rest and relaxation of a vacation, but present a different theme.

The Corporate Retreat

This kind of trip is usually not one you will plan on your own, but can be especially beneficial. With the competitiveness of the market and the strong political ties to the everyday business of the office, our job can be overwhelming all by itself. The majority of us deal with the responsibility of a family, a home, and friends, as well.

If you are lucky enough, you have a boss that recognizes these pressures and adjusts accordingly. One of the ways he/she might do this is to plan a corporate retreat. On this trip, you and your colleagues will stow away, out of town, to a place where you will participate in team building skills, leadership workshops, and games that hone your individual skills.

Along with the training, you will have plenty of time to hangout with your co-workers, get to know them, and explore the town. So, next time you get the chance, sign up for the corporate getaway.

Find Your Ancestral Grounds

There is a growing desire to know where we came from. We see it on tv shows, in commercials for new technology that can examine our DNA, and there are several websites whose main purpose is to help you trace your family tree. We all wonder about it from time to time. Why not explore it?

Take some time to track your family tree as far back as you can go or invest in the DNA testing. After you find the path to your past, set up a time to travel it. Your ancestry may take you to places you would never have thought about going. In the process, you will learn a great deal about what makes you who you are.

A Missionary Trip

There is nothing more rewarding than a trip devoted to volunteering. There are countries all over the world that are suffering day to day atrocities that most of us can’t even dream of. Many third world countries are without the basics of life.

There’s no clean water, which leads to many preventable diseases. Many locals are without housing, clothing, or simple medical care. There are so many opportunities to help. Granted, this is not the kind of trip where you will have the most relaxing time, but you will definitely come home knowing you did something that mattered and probably saved many lives in the process.

You will also return to your daily life with a renewed sense of purpose and a new found confidence. If you don’t know where to start, your local church will usually be able to point you in the right direction.

Wherever you choose to go, changing up the travel plans will create a new adventure that could not only bring you rest, but change your life. Take the chance.

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