3 Ways To Make Your Staycation More Enjoyable

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While taking a vacation and traveling the world are amazing ways to experience other cultures and learn about new places, we often find that many people don’t actually know too much about their own city. For this reason, you may want to plan a staycation in the near future so you can truly immerse yourself in the arts, food and culture that your own town has to offer. To help make your staycation feel just like one of the vacations or traveling experiences you have, here are three ways you can make your staycation more enjoyable.


Book A Room

Traditional staycations typically involve hanging out at home and turning off your normal distraction like work, emails, and going about your general routine. But if you want to turn your staycation into an experience in your own city, Heather Greenwood Davis, a contributor to National Geographic, suggests booking a room at a local hotel. You could even try staying in a part of town you’ve never been or checking into a B&B in one town over if you haven’t spent much time there. By staying somewhere other than your own house, it will truly feel like you’re traveling and spark within you that sense of adventure.

Hire A Driver

If you’re planning a staycation to save money, this next option may not be one you want to indulge in. But if you want to feel like a tourist in your own town, there’s no better way to do it than hiring someone else to drive you around. Consider booking a town car and driver to shuttle you to and fro, or splurge and get a limo to take you from tourist spot to tourist spot. Not only will you be seeing your city from a perspective you likely haven’t before, but you this will also give your staycation a more luxurious undertone. Just be sure that you’re ready for the potential inconveniences of knowing the best routes and having to let someone else plan your travels and also having to pay a little extra to tip your driver once your staycation is over.

Sign Up For a Tour

When you live in a town that has tourist-y attractions, most locals generally avoid those spots due to bigger crowds and higher expense. But when you’re playing a tourist in your own town, this is the perfect excuse to finally find out what all the fuss is about. Julie Rukavina, a contributor to AmateurTraveler.com, suggests taking a variety of guided tours if they’re offered, like bike tours, walking tours or bus tours if they’re available in your area. This is also a great way to meet people who are actually visiting your city from out of town and to see your stomping grounds from the point of view of a real tourist.

Just because you’re not using your passport doesn’t mean your experience can’t be a good one. Use the tips mentioned above to create an enjoyable staycation that you won’t easily forget.

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