4 Reasons to Book a City Break for New Year’s

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When it comes to booking a city break, there’s really no bad time of year. If you’re not soaking up the summer sun, you’re kicking through the Autumn leaves. However, one of the best times is New Year’s. It’s often a little more expensive than booking during other times of the year, but here are just four reasons it’s well worth doing. 

1. Make the Holiday Mean a Little More 

New Year’s is great, but it suffers as a holiday from being so close to Christmas. After the most wonderful time of year has come and gone, New Year’s often feels like a bit of an anti-climax. That’s just one reason you should book a city break during the time. By going to a new city and finding yourself in a new environment, you make the holiday seem more special. 

2. See UK Cities in Their Winter Glory

While UK cities can be enjoyed throughout the year, there’s something special about seeing them during the winter. You’ll feel like you’ve strolled into A Christmas Carol as you walk through frosty streets, and you’ll get to enjoy everything from Christmas lights to Christmas markets, which usually keep operating until after New Year’s Day. 

3. Get Friends and Family Together 

Friends and family all too often disperse after Christmas. It can be especially hard to get everyone together if you have teenage children. Instead of letting that happen, book a serviced apartment for your city break to keep everyone together and make more happy memories. 

4. Take Advantage of January Sales 

Right on the heels of New Year’s Eve come the January sales. The best time of year for any shopper, they offer a great way to find the things you want at the lowest prices, and you can take full advantage by booking a city break around New Year’s in a city known for its wide range of shopping opportunities. 

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