Packing Tips For Your Next Travel Adventure

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If you enjoy traveling, then you know how important it is to make sure you pack the right stuff.  You don’t want to find yourself hundreds of miles from home without your favorite t-shirt or your toothbrush.  

Packing is a common challenge for those who already have a lot on their proverbial plate.  It helps to have a few guidelines to follow as you choose what is most important in your suitcase.  

Here is a brief overview of some helpful packing tips for your next travel adventure.  Take notes, and don’t miss out on true comfort next time you travel.  

Make a list of things to pack

Successful packing starts with a thorough list.  Make a list, and check it twice before you ever pack the first sock.  Make sure to add your toothbrush and some quality disposable razors for your journey.  Maintaining your hygiene routine on vacation is an important part of true comfort.  

You should always grab some creature comforts when you pack as well.  Pack clothing for several different situations, so you’ll always have the proper attire for the occasion.  

Roll your clothes instead of folding

When packing clothing in your suitcase, it helps to roll your clothes.  Rather than folding in a traditional manner, rolling your clothes makes better use of your space.  You’ll have more room to pack more clothes if you choose to roll.  

Another perk to rolling your clothes instead of folding them is that you will have less of a battle with wrinkles and creases.  If you’re careful as you roll your clothes, you won’t have to pack an iron.  

Know airline specifications if you’re flying

If you’re flying to your chosen travel destination, it’s wise to check out the airline specifications for your luggage.  You’ll need to know what is counted as an acceptable carry on piece of luggage.  

You’ll also need to know what you can have in your suitcase or carry on, so you don’t end up having half of your stuff confiscated while going through security.  

Never check your essential items

When you’re packing your luggage that will be checked, it’s important to not place your essentials inside.  Luggage has a way of getting lost or delayed along the way of travel, and you’ll need a plan B to remain comfortable.  

Keep a spare change of clothes and some essential hygiene items in your carry-on luggage to assure you’re not left without the basic necessities.  

Pack plenty of snacks if you’re driving

If you’re not flying at all, there are plenty of ways to be more comfortable on a road trip.  One major time/money-saving tip for road trippers is to pack plenty of drinks and snacks. Don’t waste your money purchasing unhealthy snacks from gas stations, and pack your own healthy treats. 

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