5 Checklist Items for Travelling to London

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You may be quite ecstatic if you are planning a first time trip to London. Many first-time London travellers however, tend to get overly excited which may result in items being left behind – something we have all surely done a few times in our lives. To avoid any such dilemmas, check out these 5 must-have items on your checklist to ensure you’re good to go. So before boarding that plane, best you get ticking and pack in these essential tools to enhance your London vacation.

  1. Pack Your Camera

Most of us have smartphones with built in cameras designed with better features than some standard cameras. However, it may happen that your phone’s battery will run flat and being on the move as a tourist means you can’t stop to charge up. This leads to missed opportunities to capture moments through while on London experience. So if you are in possession of a camera, bring it along for emergency backup – you won’t regret it!

  1. Enjoy Some Pocket Apps

While you have your smartphone in your travelling pants, you may as well download some travel friendly apps to help guide you through London’s hidden gems or pass time while waiting to board the tube. By following this link you can access a massive database of online games that can earn you some impressive amounts of cash.

  1. Don’t Forget Those Comfortable Shoes

Sneakers, or hiking shoes, are essential for London travellers who are planning trips on foot. Pack in some comfortable footwear and don’t be hindered by fancy shoes which are uncomfortable and can have a negative effect on your body as well as your holiday.

  1. Don’t Leave Home without your Clothes

Just like comfortable shoes, you will need comfortable clothing to allow you freedom during your travels. Although comfortable clothing is a must, it is also wise to take at least one or two fancy outfits along for a night out on the town. Remember not to pack too many formal outfits as you will be exploring through the duration of your holiday and will most likely not hitting the bars each night, unless of course, you have planned differently.

  1. Your Backpack is Absolutely Essential

Pack in a backpack to hold all your valuable belongings such as your passport, camera, mobile phone, wallet and a warm top as London can get chilly. A backpack allows travellers the freedom to explore while keeping their most important items close – look at these luggage reviews to find the best types of luggage for savvy travellers. If you pack accordingly, you shouldn’t encounter any issues during your vacation. So write down your checklist and get ticking!

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