5 Great Summer Holiday Destinations for a Family Holiday

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The time has come to plan your vacation for this summer. It is so exciting to head off to a new country for the first time. Here are 5 great holiday destinations for you to visit!



India is an amazing country that everyone must visit at least once in his or her lifetime. It is a country that is rich in culture, tradition, religion, and it is a fascinating blend of old and new. It is one of the oldest civilizations on earth at roughly 5000 years old. The Taj Mahal is arguably the most famous tourist attraction, but there are so many things to do and see here. You can join organized tours to explore temples, live in villages and work side by side with locals for a week or more, volunteer, relax on the beach, go on jungle treks, stay on animal reserves and many more exciting things. If you go on a luxury tour of India, you can ensure you experience different aspects to Indian culture and be left feeling like you missed out on anything. Each region has different styles of food, different languages, and exciting artifacts to see. The government is putting a lot of money into developing and promoting tourism in the country and it is a great time to visit.



Germany is the seventh most visited country in the world and it has the largest population of any European city. It is a great country to rent a car in and drive around due to its network of routes that it has developed including the Wine Route, Romantic Road, Avenue Road, and Castle Road. There are over 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit in Germany including ancient towns, several castles, and cathedrals. Beer is very important to the culture and it dates back to the fifteenth century.



Portugal offers many things that will delight tourists and is among the top twenty most visited cities in the world. Visitors flock there to visit the 16th century architecture, beautiful beaches, and try the world famous wine. A family holiday in Portugal during the summer holidays  is ideal, the warm climate, golden beaches and mild seas will prove to be memorable. There are also about five million annual religious visitors per year that flock to the Sanctuary of Fatima which is one of the largest Roman Catholic shrines in the world. Lisbon is the capital city and it is easy to get to by international flights from around the world.



Crete is the biggest of the Greek Islands and it is a popular place with tourists. You can visit the archeological sites of the Minoan civilization in Knossos and Phaistos, the classical site of Gortys, the old Venetian city, or just have a beach vacation and take part in water sports (take extra care not to get injured) or sunbathe.



Travel to Hungary and experience the beauty of the Danube River. You can cycle along its banks and there is no traffic allowed so it is safe for all ages.  The capital city Budapest is known as the City of Baths and you can visit public baths that date back hundreds of year filled by natural hot springs. Make sure to visit Széchenyi Baths that is housed in a large building that looks like a Baroque palace. There are also many lovely styles of architecture in the city and over two hundred museums and art galleries.

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