5 Accommodation Options for a UK Winter Escape

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Getting away for a break in the winter is a nice way to beat the winter blues. Staying somewhere completely different from your home is a great way to really feel like you have escaped from the daily grind. Discover some different types of accommodation options that will really make you feel like you have recharged. Get out and enjoy fresh air during the day and sit in cozy comfort at night. Take an intimate vacation with your loved one or plan an outing with a large group of friends or family.


Consider a relaxing escape to The Cotswolds, located to the east of Gloucester. Rent your own cozy and comfortable lakeside log cabin. Spend your days walking through lovely scenery while communing with nature.   Spend your nights catching up with friends and family enjoying comforts like an outdoor fire pit, a hot tub, and a veranda for stargazing at night. A lot of places are pet friendly so your dog can escape the winter blues as well.

What better escape from realty is there then to live like Royalty on your break? Escape to a castle in Scotland this winter. The buildings are rich with hundreds of years of history but provide all the modern amenities to make you comfortable on your winter escape. There are facilities available for large groups or small parties and couples. There are plenty of options available throughout the country of Scotland.

Gather up your friends and family and rent a large holiday house in Yorkshire. You can rent places that accommodate one couple or any size of group that you decide upon. Stay in converted barns, charming old cottages and ancient large family homes. You can get places that offer full catering or self-service kitchens. Spend your days exploring the countryside parks, forests, and villages and your nights in lively group discussion around the fire. Make sure the accommodations are pet friendly before inviting any furry friends along.

Tree houses are an exciting option for accommodation. Discover waking up in the morning to the sound of birds; high above the ground, in your own self contained unit. Peer through the windows of your cozy quarters, complete with a bedroom, and a bathroom. There are many tree house accommodations situated throughout the UK.

Rent a Campervan and you don’t have to worry about where to stay. They are small enough to drive easily through traffic and park in busy places.  They also offer an affordable, unique choice for accommodation on the go in a self-contained private unit. You can travel through a large city one day and then hit the open road and be at a historic site, beach, or the village of your choice by the next day. They are large enough to provide lodging for five people comfortably and include a bathroom and a kitchen. There are plenty of places throughout the UK where you can hook up your campervan so that you can have amenities like electricity and running water.

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