5 Must Have iPhone Apps for Travellers

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There are so many apps on the various app stores now that standing out in such a crowded marketplace requires real innovation. “Any old app,” simply doesn’t cut it and if you want people to download and repeatedly use yours, you’ve got to have something pretty special.


This is, of course, great for consumers. It means competition is tough, prices often reasonable and that we’re constantly being presented with low cost applications that really help us to make incredible use of our smartphone devices. There are apps for everyone these days and avid travellers and holidaymakers are no exception.

We caught up with the team of mobile developers and keen travellers at development agency, Degree 53, to find out which apps are catching their eyes for travelling.

UNESCO World Heritage App

When you consider how much space an old set of encyclopaedias might take up, it’s mind blowing now how little space you need to access seemingly infinite amounts of information. And for keen travellers who love to enjoy the various UNESCO World Heritage Sites when on their travels, there’s an app for that.

For just £2.29 you can download UNESCO World Heritage and access information about all sites globally from your smartphone. You can check off the ones you’ve seen too. The value of having plenty of information to hand without the need for wifi is particularly hand on your travels.

Download it here.


Many travellers like to at least learn the basics of a language before travelling. It’s great to be able to work your way around a menu without feeling like the stereotypical tourist asking for an English version of absolutely everything and the effort is often appreciated.

Duolingo is a free app that makes language learning accessible and fun for everyone. So whether you’re serious and striving for fluency or you just want some handy vocabulary and phrases, this is the app for you. The languages you can currently learn on it include Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Swedish.

It’s not difficult to see why this was voted Apple’s App of the Year and has millions of users.

Download it here free.

App in the Air Personal Travel Assistant

App in the Air Personal Travel Assistant helps frequent travellers to keep on top of their flights. With an Apple Watch version, you can get up to the minute updates on your flights to your pocket or wrist as you’re on your travels or making your way through the airport. You simply put in your flight details and you can access up to date departure or arrival information, see flight navigation maps, get information about things to do or the location of facilities within the airport and much more.

With the option to get updates by text, it means you don’t necessarily have to have roaming enabled.

It’s a free download with in app subscriptions available for premium features.

Say goodbye to hunting out departure boards in busy airports and opt to get personal and tailored updates straight to your smart devices.

Download it here.

Piper – Travel Tipping

One potential faux pas when travelling overseas is misunderstanding local tipping etiquette. How much you tip in a restaurant, a taxi, a bar or hotel varies wildly from country to country.

This is where Piper Travel Tipping comes in, offering advice about the typical tipping rates for various locations country by country. So you can save yourself the embarrassment of a social faux pas while out and about enjoying your holiday!

Plus, you get the information on your device without the need for wifi.

Download it here.

Google Trips

Google’s own iPhone app offering for travellers is, unsurprisingly, brilliant. Google Trips takes reservation info from your Gmail account and compiles it all in one place accessible offline. So not only do you have all your flight, hotel and transfer reservation information in one place, but you also organise day trips, itineraries and find out what’s nearby while you travel.

Download it here free.

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