Book an Early Valentine’s Day Trip

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Valentine’s Day still seems far away; however, if you’re planning something special for your partner, it’s better to start on time in order to make it perfect. Coming up with romantic ideas that you haven’t used yet is sometimes impossible, especially if you’re in a relationship that has several Valentine’s dates behind it. Whether you’ve been married for a while, or you’re still wearing the rose-coloured glasses, a romantic getaway is a perfect way to celebrate love and passion for Valentine’s Day.


Before the Romantic Escape

The best thing about planning a trip earlier is the fact that you have enough time to explore your options, rather than speeding up the process and ending up almost broke. The first item on your to-do list is picking a location. If you don’t have any specific area in mind, you can browse the Internet for the most popular romantic destinations. However, if your partner wants to visit a particular city or a country, you can surprise them by taking them there. While choosing the perfect place, you should try and pick one with a direct flight and great weather, since you probably don’t want to spend the entire time in a room. Once you’ve decided where you want to go, take your time to explore your options and compare prices. Don’t make a hasty decision, but try to find discounts on flights, and visit websites of different hotels to find out which one meets your needs.

Ideas for Romantic Dates

Having picked the destination and having found a hotel, you can come up with ideas for some of the romantic dates so that you don’t waste time deciding what to do while you’re there. Depending on the location you’ve chosen, you’ll have a lot of possibilities, so planning ahead will help you narrow down the options. For starters, you should take a day to explore the tourist attractions, especially if you’ve never visited that destination before. Another interesting idea for a date is spending a day in a spa. If you’ve booked a hotel that offers couple spa services, all you have to do is arrange some additional details. However, if your hotel doesn’t offer such services, you should find a spa in the vicinity where you can take your loved one. If you’re planning to travel to the seaside, you can organise a romantic massage on a secluded beach under the stars, followed by a romantic walk. What you shouldn’t miss is taking your partner to a romantic dinner by candlelight and with an amazing view. You can even find a restaurant where you can dine outside while listening to romantic music. There’s nothing more romantic than dancing under the moonlight. If you and your partner are a more adventurous couple, there are some daring, but still romantic ideas that you can try out. Flying in a hot air balloon and enjoying a spectacular view while holding hands will be one of the most memorable experiences of your lives.

Why Book an Early Trip?

There are many benefits to planning your trip even a year in advance. As already mentioned, you’ll have enough time to plan a perfect romantic getaway. However, there are many practical conveniences; for example, if you opt for the TravelPay services, you can get the early bird offers and save a lot of money. Additionally, you can make your payments in instalments over up to six months. It’s actually quite simple – the earlier you book your trip, the more affordable it is.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for celebrating your love with your partner. Wherever you decide to go, it will be perfect because you’ll be together.

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