7 Places That Will Make You Wonder If You Are Really Alone Out There

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The legend of UFO sightings has persisted for decades now. Many acclaimed scientists have even confirmed that aliens indeed exist and are living among us. They have even claimed that the truth about aliens has been kept hidden from mankind for quite some time now and that when revealed; the world would never be the same again.

UFO sightings are no more a rare phenomenon. Since the late 1800s, there have been numerous reports of UFO sightings around the world. Many videos of such sightings could even be found on the internet. Listed here are seven such places that would lure any UFO enthusiast to grab a cheap airline ticket and board the flight to hit these hot spots.

  • Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell is regarded as one of the major UFO crash sites in the world. The small town garnered attention in the summers of 1947 when a local ranch foreman found some unknown debris in his pasture which he reported to the Air Force. The Air Force termed the findings as a ‘Weather Balloon,’ and the event was swept under the rugs. Later, many theorists claimed it to be a UFO and fingered the government for covering the crashed spacecraft. It is also speculated that the spacecraft along with its passengers have been kept in Area 51.


  • Area 51, Nevada

Area 51 remains one of the biggest mysteries in the world, as nobody seems to know what actually happens within the walls of this highly classified military installation. One of the most common theories suggests that it could be home to UFOs and extraterrestrial specimens. The base is labeled with signs and orange poles as a highly classified military zone. Going anywhere near the area is strictly prohibited and may lead to an unpleasant escort from the premises, and that is when one manages to go past the vast desert surrounding it.

  • McMinnville, Oregon

McMinnville is known for some of the best photographed UFO sightings in the world. As per the story, a local farmer and his wife witnessed a large disc-shaped object flying at a distance, and quickly snapped two pictures of the unknown object. Today, the photos are termed as the most credible evidence of a UFO sighting to this date. The town also plays host to some amazing UFO festivals which include live music, street vendors, costume contests and much more.

  • Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

In 1961, a couple had a unique encounter while driving back home through Franconia Notch from their holidays in Montreal. As per the legend, both of them took a halt on the road to walk their dog and witnessed a strange sight at a distance. While they tried to speed away from what appeared to be an Unknown Flying Object, their car mysteriously started vibrating and buzzing. When they reached home, their watches permanently stopped ticking; there were strange markings on the back of the car, and the trip took 2 hours longer than usual. The couple reportedly also suffered a memory loss in the incident, during which they suspect they were examined in an alien spacecraft.


  • Elmwood, Wisconsin

With a population of just over 800, the village of Elmwood has been nicknamed as “UFO Capital of Wisconsin,” owing to the series of sightings in the last 70s. All the enthusiasm and obsession for extraterrestrial led to the creation of annual UFO Days. The fest is held on the last full weekend of July and features a craft fair, a concert, and a parade. The town also has a reputation for being a hotbed of alien interests.

  • Aurora, Texas

Fifty years before the UFO sighting in Roswell, this small town rose to fame in the year 1897 as the spot of very first UFO crash in the history of America. On April 18 of that year, a leading newspaper reported that a spacecraft collided with a windmill and crashed on an Aurora Farm. The pilot of the spacecraft, supposedly a Martian was reported to be killed on impact and was buried in the local cemetery.

  • Mineral Lake, Washington

Just couple weeks prior to the Roswell story went viral; a Washington state pilot witnessed nine unusual disc-shaped objects flying at very high speeds over the town of Mineral towards Mount Rainer in the Cascade Mountains. The leading news reports coined the term “Flying Sauer.”  Today the area might be better known for trout fishing, but among the believers, the story lives on in history. Visiting the town in the off-season increases your chances of finding cheap international flights alongside low-cost hotel tariffs.

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