Where to find Batam’s best markets

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Make your way through Batam’s markets with Radisson Golf & Convention Centre Batam’s helpful guide. With everything from handmade clothing to fresh-caught seafood on offer, you’re sure to find exactly what you need from this vibrant city’s stallholders.

Pasar Buah Puja Bahari


One of the best wet markets in Batam when it comes to fresh produce, this bustling shopping destination sees crowds of local and tourists flock to its kiosks each morning to peruse the spoils of each stallholder. Start your day browsing the cornucopia of fruits and vegetables before moving on to the market’s selection of dry goods, which include an impressive selection of dried fruits and crackers.

Pasar Pagi Jodoh


If your idea of shopping in Batam is more focused in fashion than fruits and vegetables, opt for an afternoon at Pasar Pagi Jodoh. The oldest traditional market in the city, this vibrant bazaar still provides visitors with a substantial offering of fresh ingredients with the added benefit of homewares, clothing and handicrafts to match.

Pasar Malam Jodoh


Taking over the rows of stalls of Pasar Pagi Jodoh after dark, this popular night market trades the day’s offering of domestic goods for an eclectic range of food kiosks and handicraft shops. A popular leisure activity for locals, Pasar Malam Jodoh’s night market is the best place to sample authentic Batam street food while searching for a traditional souvenir.

Dragon Fruit Garden


An unbeatable destination for travellers who want to skip the hustle and bustle of the markets and go straight to the source, Batam’s Dragon Fruit Garden gives visitors an inside look into the production of this delicious fruit. Spanning more than four hectares just beyond the city limits, this fascinating plantation allows visitors to wander through rows of pink and green trees and delight in a wide array of dragon fruit-themed dishes, including juice, soup and crackers.
Ready to shop your way through the streets of Batam? Plan your stay at Radisson Golf & Convention Centre Batam and discover Batam’s markets one stallholder at a time.

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