7 Things you didn’t know you could do in Dublin

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The city of Dublin means a lot of things for a lot of people.  It has historical significance for the Republic of Ireland, but it is also of economic importance in recent times.


People who visit Dublin usually go to the well-known tourist areas such as the Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Guinness Storehouse.  While all the city attractions are great to visit especially for first timers, it is also good to discover some hidden gems in the city. There is more to Dublin than the Irish clichés.  It is actually a very interesting and dynamic city with friendly people. However, do a little research of the city’s culture and safety before you and consider taking out travel insurance for you and your travel companions to be covered against any unexpected mishaps.

Here are 7 things you didn’t know you could do in Dublin:

  1. Visit the Farmer’s Market in Temple Bar

Temple Bar is known for its rows of pubs offering the quintessential Irish brews. However, this famous tourist street is more than that.  Every Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm, the Temple Bar Food Market is held at the Meeting House Square.  There are many types of food to be discovered and tasted.  The food market traders are on hand to proudly talk about their cheeses, spreads, and other products.

  1. Try cable wakeboarding at Wakedock

For the adventurous set, why not try cable wakeboarding at Wakedock in Dublin? This cool wakeboarding park, Ireland’s first, is conveniently located at the Grand Canal Dock, right at the city centre. You can access Wakedock through the South Dock Road. They offer beginners classes, ride passes, group sessions, and even hen and stag parties. All their activities are adjusted to the rider’s abilities.

  1. Discover brilliant streets: Drury street and Capel Street

These two brilliant streets in Dublin are both unique in their own ways, and worth a visit. Drury Street is a hip and trendy part of Dublin that transformed from its lowly beginnings as a car park to having trendy bars, cafés and design shops.  Capel Street, known as “the black sheep” in the city, is a street that surprises you at every corner with quirky shops and interesting restaurants.

  1. Check out Irish Design Shop

There is an interesting resurgence of Irish craft and design with shops such as Irish Design Shop, which showcases a new breed of Irish designers. Bring home specially-designed jewellery, herringbone scarves, wooden bowls and many others.

  1. Take a food tour

Many progressive young chefs are creating a food revolution in the city of Dublin.  Many are experimenting with local ingredients and cooking up a storm. Check out the great food scene in Dublin through a walking food tour where visitors go to bakeries, street markets, restaurants, and food halls. Check out the food at The Fumbally, prepared by chefs who believe in organic and sustainable sourcing, the Michelin Star restaurant Chapter One, and trendy café Kaph, and many others.

  1. Do a Pub Crawl – City of Literature

Instead of doing the typical pub crawl at Temple Bar, why don’t you follow a different path – the one set by poets, playwrights and novelists? Dublin is dubbed as a Unesco City of Literature, and the pub crawl follows famous writers such as Bram Stoker, James Joyce, and Oliver Swift and imagines how they all enjoyed a pint or two.

  1. Visit the Chester Beatty Library

Book lovers rejoice! The Chester Beatty Library has free admission and houses an original illustrated copy of the Bible and the Qu’ran.  There are rare manuscripts and illuminated copies from the European medieval and renaissance periods.  The Art of Book Exhibit shows the history of the books.  Go up into the rooftop and stay in the tranquil meditation garden.

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