Primrose Hill, Northern London

Admire the View From Primrose Hill

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One of London’s most iconic locations is Primrose Hill. For lovers of art, history, nature and architecture, this little corner of central London is perfect. This intimate little neighbourhood is home to some of the best landscaped gardens in the world. The area itself is absolutely perfect for any traveller looking for the very best of everything. In fact, it can be hard to make a trip to London without at least visiting Primrose Hill once. This article takes a look at what is on offer.

You find exclusive spots in London which few locals even know about. Visiting a London Botanic Garden gives you a chance to admire a whole array of unusual plants and flowers. Get to know more about the flora of London by taking a walking tour through the various parks and gardens across the city. Explore the quiet side of Camden, wander through its beautiful Regent Street, stroll along the streets lined with colourful pastel-color houses, and appreciate the scenic view over London from the top of Primrose Hill, where you can admire from all angles. All these and more are at your fingertips when you head to London on foot.

Once you have had a satisfying glimpse of the amazing botanical gardens of Central London, it is time to take a leisurely stroll through some of the less-visited gardens in London. Primrose Hill has just as many walking paths as it does gardens, so it is the perfect place to pick up a few novel ideas. For example, you may want to take some time to visit the National Marine Aquarium or the Wellcome Collection. There is no doubt you will be left admiring the view in your mind forever.

You may not want to leave the park altogether, however. Why not try the Gresham Gardens? Here you will get an up close and personal view of what exactly bush and grass and trees are made of. It is also possible to go on a guided tour of the park. Whilst there you will be able to see the famous Royal Botanic Gardens, built for Queen Victoria, and the National Maritime Museum.

For those who prefer to take things a step further there is the Westminster Abbey. Here you will get to see the relics of the three Kings who founded the Abbey. Its beautiful Victorian building is worth a stop, especially if you like the outdoors. The gardens surrounding the Abbey are particularly stunning.

Alternatively you may want to explore the London Fog, a small but beautiful park which takes its name from a fog that can be seen in the park. The fog is actually an attraction though, with visitors often reporting the beauty of the park from miles away. To discover this hidden gem you may want to join a guided tour, which run throughout the park. You will learn many little-known secrets about the park, such as the fact that it is home to the oldest buildings in all of England. There may also be some information about the famous London Fog Troll, also known as Olaf.

For something completely different there is the South Bank Botanic Garden, a lovely spot situated under the cliffs. Here you will be able to view a great selection of different species of flora and fauna. Whilst here you may also want to sample some local cheese. This is a lovely area to visit, and there are a number of attractions to keep you occupied.

Of course the best attraction in this area is the Rose Hill Suspension Bridge. Here you will stand eye-to-eye over the River Esk and look out across the Loch Ness. The bridge rises from the Loch and is suspended a few hundred feet above the water. During the winter months the bridge becomes a popular tourist attraction as the people come here to sit at the world famous picnic. If you want to see this attraction during its winter months, it is highly recommended that you book online ahead of time.

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