Get your exercise regime back on track with these outdoor opportunities in London

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As indoor gyms reopen across the capital, you could be understandably reluctant about going to them, even if your reticence is – more than anything else – out of an abundance of caution. However, if you don’t want to leave your fitness regime lapsing, outdoor classes are an option.

Indeed, it’s heartening that various outdoor fitness opportunities – from classes to trails – have started beckoning as a result of the pandemic. Here are just a few worth recommending…

Digme Outdoors, Covent Garden

The high-end fitness studio Digme Fitness was one of the first to act on the potential for online fitness classes as the pandemic started to bite. In a similarly pioneering spirit, the company has started running outdoor classes, too, which take place in Covent Garden.

These HIIT and yoga classes are held weekly but limited to five attendees per session. The classes are set to run until 26th August, says Culture Whisper – so you should act quickly if you want to attend.

Wandsworth Common Trim Trail

The website hails Wandsworth Common as an “outdoor workout gem” on account of this South West London attraction’s circular trail.

The pull-up bars, parallel bars and monkey ladder here present great opportunities for strength training. Wandsworth Common also includes a playground for your children to enjoy, affording you time to work out while they busily play alongside other young ones. 

Core Collective in St John’s Wood, Kensington and Clapham Common

While Core Collective usually runs fitness studios across various parts of the capital, you might prefer to forgo those indoor studios in favour of the gym chain’s outdoor classes, which commenced from Saturday 4th July in south, west and north London.

“IG Live workouts are great, but you can’t really connect with each other and some have found their motivation dip as a result,” Core Collective’s head trainer Paddy Colman told London’s Evening Standard. His words help to explain the rationale behind the original decision to introduce these outdoor sessions, which include instruction on sprinting and bodyweight exercises.

Brockwell Lido

One big advantage of swimming as a fitness practice is that you are unlikely to notice you are sweating as you do it. It’s convenient, then, that London is home to Brockwell Lido, an outdoor swimming pool located in Brockwell Park and popular with many locals.

The lido also comes with the useful on-site amenity of The Lido Cafe, where you can grab food that could help you to fuel your water-based workouts.

Frame Alfresco, King’s Cross

This outdoor studio has been put together by boutique London fitness outfit Move Your Frame and the King’s Cross-based Coal Drops Yard. Classes started on 1st July and each accommodate up to five participants, who have access to touch-free sanitising stations.

As these dance, aerobics, abs and strength classes are sited centrally in London, they are especially convenient for visitors to the capital. They can simply book a space at a nearby hotel like Dorsett Hotel, City of London, jump onto public transport and be on their way.

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