American Road Trip: Los Angeles To Salt Lake City

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Have you ever thought about taking a road trip in America? There isn’t a better way to really explore what the USA has to offer and experience the beauty of each state.  A road trip is a way to get back to the true nature of exploration and take in as many sites as possible along the way. For a chance to see the beauty of the Nevada dessert and visit some of the most famous landmarks in the USA the Los Angeles to Salt Lake City road trip is perfect. You can make the trip in just a few short days or easily extend it to weeks if you want to take in as much as possible. Leaving from Los Angeles in the South Coast of California, if you visit all our recommended attractions you will be covering over 800 miles.

Death Valley

death valley

Heading north from Los Angeles your first stop should be the beautiful national park, Death Valley. From the desert valley you will be able to see the ‘Badwater Basin’ which is known to be the lowest point of elevation in all of North America. Take time to explore the sand dunes and breath-taking scenery. It’s always worth a trip to the Death Valley visitor centre to learn a little more about the seemingly endless stretch of desert and the wildlife that lives there.

Las Vegas


A must see City on your way, stopping off in Las Vega for a night or two will not disappoint. The options are endless in the city of light and you are guaranteed a good time. Take a gamble and spare time to visit some of the many attractions like the Bellagio Fountains and of course the main strip, where you will find some of the world’s most famous hotels and casinos.

Grand Canyon

grand canyon


If you have managed to leave the lights of Vegas and get back on track the next stop on your way is the Grand Canyon. It would be impossible to take a road trip from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City without stopping at the Grand Canyon. You can take tours around the Canyon or explore by yourself. The Grand Canyon is arguably the most beautiful during the sun set and sun rise so make time to stick around and enjoy the amazing sight.

Fishlake National Forest


For lake side beauty and even a touch of fishing, the Fishlake National Forest should be one of your final stops on the way to Salt Lake City. The Aspen forests and hunting opportunities make Fishlake forest any eager explorer’s paradise. Try out the hiking forest trails or even just pick out one of the driving friendly ones and see the perfection of the forest from your car.

Road Safety

For long road trips like the Los Angeles to Salt Lake City trip making sure you are driving safely is incredibly important. With the changes in terrain and the long miles, breakdowns can happen so being prepared is crucial to having a good trip. Checking your car thoroughly in advance will help to stop any unwanted breakdowns but may not be able to prevent them completely.

Active Insurance has put together a great list of how to make sure that you don’t get ripped off if you do breakdown on your trip. With great advice on scams, average prices and handy tips on common car problems it is essential to give it read before you head off on any road trips.

active insurance

Los Angeles to Salt Lake City is an unforgettable road trip of a lifetime; to make it memorable for all the right reasons, drive responsibly in a well maintained car.

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