An Epicure’s Guide to Exploring Orlando

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Let’s face it. We all love to eat. But there are a select few individuals who take it one step further: the enigmatic epicures. These are the individuals who demand uniquely diverse menu items when they travel and carefully crafted drink options. If that sounds like you, then welcome. You’re in the right place. If you’re traveling to Orlando, you’re in for a true treat that will test your senses.

Over the last few years Orlando has cultivated a reputation as being one of the most diverse culinary communities in the U.S. With that in mind, here is a list of the best restaurants and local eateries in and around Orlando that will satisfy even the pickiest epicure.


If you’re looking for classic scrambled eggs and French toast offerings then Orlando probably isn’t the place for you. Orlando hosts dozens of unique eateries that have truly broken the mold on brunch and breakfast hot plates. For the best brunch in town try Winter Park’s Briarpatch. This eclectic breakfast spot brings unique flair to classic favorites like their raspberry-lemon cream pancakes or their take on eggs benedict which come with skirt steak and a delicious chipotle hollandaise. If you’re a little less adventurous with your food choices but still enjoy delicious biscuits and gravy, head over to the delightful White Wolf Café.


Great burger and pizza options are what Orlando-based eateries do best. For the best burger in town head to the Strand. This popular spot offers fresh, seasonal options like a take on the burger which comes topped with blue cheese and roasted jalapenos. The Strand also offer one of the tastiest fried fish sandwiches in the state. Not feeling up to a burger? Why not try a local pizzeria instead? Lazy Moon is a local pizzeria that offers homemade, aged-to-perfection 30-inch pizza choices. It’s by far the biggest slice you’re likely to find in Orlando.


When it comes to dinner, you’ll want to step it up a notch with places that create the perfect ambiance and act as a perfect mood-setter for an evening out on the town. At the ultra-luxurious Boehme restaurant guests can enjoy perfectly prepared seafood choices like escargots de Bourgogne, Boston-style calamari and an enticing plate of either Mediterranean salmon or pan-seared sea bass. If you’re craving delicious Italian food then Prato is the perfect place to dine. Try its Laughing Bird Shrimp Ravioli for a fresh take on an old favorite or the Ramp Green Radioatore which comes served in a mouth-watering wild boar Bolognese.


No culinary tour de force is complete without indulging in a delectably sinful dessert for the road. If you’re looking for unique chilled-treats head over to KrungThep Tea Time and try the local favorite dessert “the Battle”: an upside-down cone drenched in chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a healthy serving of vanilla ice cream. For one of the best cookie options in the Sunshine State, try the Triple Chocolate Chipotle Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry from Gideon’s Bakehouse.

From start to finish Orlando offers some of the greatest dining experiences to rival some of the biggest cities in the country. Most locals are happy to divulge their favorite secret hot-spots so don’t be afraid to ask your neighbor where he or she is headed.

While visiting Orlando, make sure to book sophisticated accommodations that offer great dining options on resort property, like Westgate Resorts. Orlando is a fantastic destination for delicious fare – you just have to know the right places to look.

Where are your favorite culinary destinations in Orlando?

Katie Parsons works with Westgate Reservations. She’s the creator of parenting blog Mumbling Mommy.

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