Celebrating Easter Around the Globe

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Easter has lately been celebrated in great pomp throughout the world to the delight of many chocolate lovers. In many countries, Easter is synonymous with Easter egg hunts, church services and baskets filled with candies. However, in other parts of the world, there are different kind of celebrations. The atmosphere of Easter prevails all year long at Kittybingo.tv, the bingo site that offers top slot games with bonus. You can experience the festivity whenever you want and even from your mobile device on slots such as Easter Eggs, Easter Coop, Easter Island, Hot Crossed Bunnies, and Royal Masquerade.

The fascinating Easter traditions differ from place to place. On the island of Corfu in Greece, things get a little bit out of control on the Holy Saturday morning. This is when residents of this island participate in the pot throwing tradition. This annual celebration is where you will find people throwing pans, pots, other earth made utensils out of their windows. This marks the beginning of spring where the old pots are replaced with new ones to symbolise new crops.

Morris Dancing can be traced back to the Middle Ages. This type of traditional folk dance is performed by communities in the UK.  During this performance, you can find men dancing with bells tied around their ankles and unique hats on their heads. They usually wave ribbons when dancing around. According to tradition, this dance is performed to bring good luck and to push the spirits of the winter season.

Dansa de la mort, also known as the death dance is an annual celebration on Holy Thursday in the little town known as Verges, in Spain. This is a night procession during which people get into the costumes of skeletons and they recreate different mythical scenes. A box of ashes is carried by the last skeletons in the procession.

The burning of Judas is celebrated in part of Spain and in various Latin American countries, including Brazil. Many effigies of Judas are burnt in central place where people gather up for this tradition. Fireworks are sometimes used during this unique display where they explode as the effigies are reduced to ash.

In Australia, many consider rabbits to be bests as they destroy the crops. Thus, since the early 1990s, the Easter bunny has been replaced with a unique Easter Bilby. This campaign was put in place by the anti-rabbit research foundation where bilbies have taken the place of rabbits. The endangered Bilbies resemble mice, with a long pointed nose, and they also have long and soft ears just like rabbits.

Blessing baskets are prepared by families on the day before Easter in Poland. This is filled with bread, sausages, coloured eggs, and other food. The baskets are blessed at the church by a priest to mark the end of Lent. Water guns are used by boys and girls on the day of Easter in a tradition known as Smigus Dyngus. It is said that if a girl is soaked, she will marry within that year.

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