Are there good serviced accomodation in Bristol?

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A serviced apartment simply put, is a fully furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays. Therefore, ideal for anyone looking to get away no matter the period of time. You can be flexible with how long you want to stay and be in full control in terms of having the place to yourself, with contactless checking in and out so you don’t feel under pressure regarding COVID or feeling as though someone is on top of you constantly.


With all the things available at your fingertips, serviced accommodation in Bristol is a great place to have them. Beech House serviced apartments in Bristol have a range of places available which all boast period features and carefully selected antique furniture throughout the private luxury apartments, creating a nice homely atmosphere away from home. With other amenities available such as free parking, these serviced apartments in Bristol provide the perfect location for you to get away. This blog will look into the accommodation provided and why it’s the one for you depending on your needs, so keep on reading to find out more!


Plenty of Choices at Beech House!


Serviced accommodation in Bristol from Beech House is the perfect place for you to stay. In comparison to hotels, you have full access to your own space throughout the whole apartment. Although this is completely up to the individual depending on what they want in their accommodation, serviced apartments in Bristol are a great choice for those going on their own or as a couple to have some freedom to stretch out. Beech House offers a wide variety when it comes to serviced apartments in Bristol, with 14 apartments and 2 houses available to those looking to stay. Through their website it is easy to book as the pictures of the properties are clearly labelled, giving you clarity of what you are in for when you stay with them. And with contactless checking in and out, there’s peace of mind when worrying about coming into contact with others during your stay.


With a variety of serviced accommodation in Bristol, with a range of one bedroom suites to deluxe and superior studios and 2 houses, there’s plenty of choice to meet your needs. Whilst staying in your serviced accommodation in Bristol there’s many things to do when you’re there whether it’s in or outside. For example outside, you could venture out on a bike, as the UK’s first ‘cycling city’ , why not explore on two wheels, head to the huge open spaces and wooded trails of Ashton Court, and cycle out to the beautiful Snuff Mills. There are plenty of resources online to illustrate possible cycling routes. However active you want to be, what better way to spend a day and then put your feet up back at your serviced accommodation in Bristol.


However, sometimes it can be nice to switch off completely from the hustle of everyday life. When looking for a getaway, consider serviced accommodation in Bristol as the luxury accommodation with great facilities can help you relax and put your feet up. Whether it’s kicking back and watching Netflix or ordering some food in and getting an early night, there’s no obligation for you to do anything at all and in this setting who could blame you! It ticks many boxes when it comes to a place to stay, such as free parking being a popular one.



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