Tips for selling your home before traveling in 2021

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The days of safely traveling are once again upon us, and we’re fully ready to take advantage of them! Most of us can just hop on a flight and set off on a vacay, but some people might need to take care of something important: selling their home. During the pandemic, many people put their real estate plans on hold due to a variety of reasons including financial and/or safety concerns. Now that there is a vaccine available, any of those pandemic risks that may have set you back are much lower. Before you make any major travel plans, take care of selling your house first. That way, you can rest and relax without having to worry at all about the sale. Here are some of our favorite tips.

Have a Moving Plan

Assuming that you’re living in the house that you plan on selling, it’s absolutely necessary to have a plan for moving. Getting all of your home’s items out from your current spot and into the new one—or at least into a storage unit—will give you more peace of mind than you’d think. Having “moving” on the brain during your vacation is bound to cause a lot of unnecessary stress. When buying and selling at the same time, having a solid moving plan is key. Sell or donate whatever you no longer need, organize the house from top to bottom, and begin packing. 

Find a Realtor Who Understands Your Timeline

Whether you plan on traveling for a week or several months, you’ll want to find a Realtor who understands that you have plans to be out of the area for at least some time. They’ll be able to make deadlines and move the process along to help accommodate your plans. Set up interviews with several skilled agents in the area to find one who is good at selling houses fast. They’ll help you with listing, marketing, finding qualified buyers, and also assisting you with net proceeds calculators to give you an understanding of how much you’ll be able to make after the sale. Being forth and upright with your needs is going to help you sell your home long before you take off on any trips. 

Get all the Necessary Things Fixed Beforehand

Hire an inspection company to pinpoint all of the pieces in your home that need to be fixed up. Some of these things include roofing, plumbing, foundation, and insulation. We suggest getting on top of this sooner than later because according to insights from top agents, the next few months are going to be pretty intense in the real estate world when it comes to buying and selling. That means that contracting companies are going to be booked out, and finding someone to do any pre-sale repairs is going to be challenging. The sooner you get your home fixed up, the easier and faster you’ll be able to get your home listed and sold.

Sell Your House and Celebrate 

Once you get a good real estate agent, get your home for-sale-ready, and have a solid moving plan, make those travel plans! You deserve to have a stress-free vacation that’s void of worrying about selling your home. We wish you happy and safe travels!

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