Bali’s Best Beaches For Aspiring Surfers

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For many years Bali has been praised as having some of the best surfing beaches in the world. As one online surf spot atlas explains, during the dry winter months which usually last from early June until September, Bali’s south-eastern and south-western coastlines benefit from Antarctic ocean swells which create ideal surfing conditions for both advanced surfers and aspiring tourists.


Therefore, if you have been planning a trip to Bali and wish to discover the joys of surfing for  the first time then listed below are our recommendations on the top three Balinese beaches for aspiring surfers. Boasting ideal weather conditions alongside a series of professional surf schools and water sports rental companies, these beaches will provide you with everything you’ll need to tackle the waves for the first time!

1 – Kuta Beach

kuta-beachOne of the main benefits of Kuta Beach is the fact that its waters consistently feature small swells and 1 to 3 feet waves. Although currents can swell during the late afternoon, these conditions remain ideal for getting to grips with the fundamental balancing techniques involved with surfing. What’s more, Kuta Beach is home to a myriad of professional surfing schools and rental companies from whom you can hire all the equipment you’ll need. The only downside to Kuta Beach is its popularity amongst both tourists and seasoned surfers. However, due to the fact that it is a long stretch of beach you should be able to find a suitable break if you are discerning!

2 – Seminyak Beach

seminayakTake a 20 minute drive from Kuta Beach and you will arrive at Seminyak Beach; a popular surfing spot which is  known for its frequent swells that can often be double the size of those found at Kuta Beach. As such, Seminyak Beach is the ideal destination if you want to practice left and right waves and short lengths. Often regarded as an ‘upmarket’ area, Seminyak Beach features a variety of surf schools and camps which offer a variety of day sessions and week-long courses for aspiring surfers. This travel guide to Bali recommends Seminyak Beach as a quieter, far less crowded and has a more ‘chilled out’ vibe than Kuta Beach, so you can practise riding the waves to your heart’s content without fear of crossing paths with more seasoned surfers.

3 – Pantai Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu

batu-bolong-beach-canggu-933x700Affectionately known as ‘Echo Beach’ by the locals, Pantai Batu Bolong Beach is a great surfing spot for both beginners and professionals. Regardless of whether you decide to surf early in the morning, or at sunset, you can expect to benefit from consistent breaks and 6 feet waves. There are also several stalls within the parking lot from which you can rent surfboards. However, due to the fact that lifeguards do not patrol the coastline around Echo Beach, you should invest in a few surfing lessons and always exercise caution before heading further out into the waves which surround this flat rock bed.

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