Tips on Traveling with El-Al Israeli Airline

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El-Al is the national airline of Israel offering flight services to many countries around the world. They operate a fleet of 27 aircraft and their hub is based in the Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. El-Al aircraft is fully equipped with everything you need including baby diapers, fruits, and cushions.


Since it is an Israelite airport, all its crew are also made up of Israelite. They serve mainly kosher meals and they also have ready meals designed for children. Their special meals are served in the end which means that you have to stay in your seat for a longer time. If possible, you should order the regular meals instead of the special meals. The regular meal is very nutritious and has plenty of vegetables in it.

El-Al has been recommended as the most secure airline because of its strict security policy. There is a special agent that undercover in plain clothes in every El-Al aircraft. There is a guard that watch the customers queuing up at the ticket booth. Prior to the flight boarding, they will run a security check on the passengers.

If you have to undergo a second check, just be patient and when until they thoroughly check you because the plane will wait for you. They will question every passenger in person to confirm their profiles and this interrogation session can be long sometimes. They will randomly search pick on the passengers and search their suitcases. You should take it easy as the security staff will be courteous towards you.

The stewards will start serving food and drinks after you have about 10 minutes after the plane took off. If you want to use the toilet, you should quickly do so right after the plane has took off. This is because the steward will take about 1.5 hours to serve the food.

Only the first class and business class in El-Al offer an outlet for the passengers to plug in the chargers of their laptops. They also offer internet access on selected aircraft and you will have to pay about $10 – $30 to use the internet during the whole flight.

The price of the El-Al airline ticket is just the same as the price charged by the major airlines. However, El-Al business class ticket is lower if you compare to the business class of other major airlines that are offering flight services to Israel. El-Al is the best choice for people who want to fly non-stop.

Overall, flying with El-Al will surely give you a terrific experience. Their flight is very secure and suitable for people who travel frequently. El-Al staff are friendly and they serve delicious onboard meals. Book flights to Tel Aviv with El-Al – Here

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