Best Locations When Traveling For Addiction Treatment

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Most people do not associate traveling with addiction treatment, but it is very common for people to go away from their hometown for rehab.  The pressures of family and friends are typically very straining on a person seeking treatment, so relocating is usually incredibly helpful for addicts who are suffering in the throws of their addiction. Here are a few of the top-rated facilities around the world for patients in need.  


Apex Recovery – San Diego, California

At the top for comfort and excellent dining, this recovery center offers culinary delights daily and small group therapy.  All clients enjoy the most high-quality lodging during treatment.  Apex offers all types of treatment for staggered time frames.  However long it takes the individual to honestly feel a sense of recovery is how long they should remain in treatment.

Hazelden, Betty Ford Center – Nationwide

The Betty Ford Center is one of the most well-known rehabilitation organizations in the United States.  There are several locations all across the nation, utilizing evidence-based treatment and other traditional 12-step treatments.  The Betty Ford Center has a higher-than-average rate of recovery and offers intimate one-on-one therapy for addicts of all types.

The Caron Foundation – Wernersville, Pennsylvania

The Caron Foundation has a few scattered locations across America.  When it began, Richard Caron ran a meeting place out of his home.  He eventually purchased a sizeable hotel and utilized it as a retreat for recovering addicts.  The Caron Foundation is one of the most successful facilities in the nation.

Inspire Malibu – Malibu, California

Contrary to many rehabilitation centers nationwide, Inspire Malibu does not utilize standard 12-step programs.  The facility specializes in dual diagnosis disorders and holistic, evidence-based treatment.  It is one of the pricier options, but Inspire Malibu provides top notch solutions for those in need.  

Cottonwood de Tucson – Tucson, Arizona

Cottonwood de Tucson is an inpatient treatment center that practices holistic behavioral health rehabilitation.  One of the most beautiful landscapes provided by the Earth, Tucson, Arizona, offers a priceless escape from the dampers of life.  Patients desperately need to feel safe and protected while in treatment, and Cottonwood has no shortage of these commodities.

Behavioral Health of Palm Beaches – Palm Beach, Florida

Different from many other treatment centers, Behavioral Health of Palm Beaches (BHPB) practices a comprehensive method of rehabilitation.  They focus on the patient’s mental stability and past traumas just as intently as they focus upon addiction.  Patients can remain in the facility for up to 12 months, but only the minimum 30 days is required for treatment.

Phoenix House – New York, New York

Phoenix House is a non-profit organization founded by a small group of heroin users during the late 1960’s.  They offer over 100 different programs for addicts seeking reformation.  Phoenix House treats addiction just like any other ongoing chronic illness.  Patients need all-around care and individualized treatment options.  This facility is also quite a bit cheaper than some of the others.  

Mountainside – Canaan, Connecticut

Mountainside offers a type of treatment that is not offered in other parts of the country.  Founded in 1998, Mountainside is one of the very first treatment centers to provide adventure-based counseling.  It is a multidisciplinary, certified rehabilitation center that intertwines a relationship with adventure and nature.  

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