Building Your Bucket List In A Healthy Way

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Unexpected circumstances provide for some of the greatest opportunities for spontaneity. Circumstances out of our control force us to consider our size in the span of eternity. In those moments of reflection, often we are made aware of needs and wants that are significant. Some of those critical needs and want can be acted on in a relatively reasonable manner. How do you narrow down that “bucket list” into the doable and the impossible?


Take a hard look at your circumstances

If you’ve just survived a major disaster, say you live in the midwest and a tornado just took your roof off, you are about to deal with some significant financial obstacles. Yes, you just had a major life moment, but that doesn’t change your financial situation. You need to build a bucket list that reflects where you are. Look into some items that are free or low budget. Look at building lists that are budget friendly and budget unlimited. Your budget friendly items can be knocked out in a simple intentional way, giving you a sense of accomplishment as you save for your big ticket items. Set goals for your savings on your big ticket items. If you are going to London, set targets for the ticket, the hotel, spending money, transportation and whatever other line items you can identify. Hitting these marks will give you hope as you build up your savings for the trip.

Physical limitations

If you have always dreamed of bungee jumping off of a bridge in Idaho, yet you have a heart condition, you’ve got a problem. Unless you have put the whole jumping thing at the end of your list intentionally, you may have a problem getting to the rest of your list. Same for bad knees and climbing mountains, blood conditions and high altitudes, on and on the list go. Take a good look at your list and realize that you may have limitations that preclude your involvement in some of your dream scenarios. That doesn’t mean that they are impossibilities, you just may have to do some serious training to accomplish some of your dreams. Running a marathon? You may have to put some miles in ahead of time.

Time limitations

Deciding that you need to go around the world in a year could cause some concern for your family and friends, let alone your work. Obviously, considering these relationships will be a part of the decisions that you make. As you make your list, confide in your family and friends and listen carefully to their concerns. Some of your list items may involve some time away and travel that affects them directly. So be thoughtful and considerate, maybe even including them in your plans. Some travel is best done incorporating others, experiences shared are often the best experiences.

Coming face to face with your mortality causes some harsh assessment of our present condition. When this evaluation happens, be sure to consider the realities of your state of being as you build your own to do list.

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