Top 5 Unbelievable Christmas Ski Holiday Experiences

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A Christmas ski holiday is not just about getting a few days’ worth of skiing and nothing else. Instead, this can be a fantastic new way for you to experience complete relaxation, to live life to the full or to enjoy the stunning landscape.


In fact, there are lots of fantastic reasons for thinking that you could have the best festive break ever if you decide to go skiing somewhere special like the French Alps. Which of the following types of Christmas holiday experience would you most like to have?

Go Partying with Friends

There are many people who feel that the best way to celebrate Christmas is to enjoy a few drinks with friends. If you want to have the time of your life in a wonderful setting then you can’t do much better than head to a scintillating resort such as Morzine or Les Gets.

Ski towns such as these are packed with incredible bars and pubs where you can have a lively Christmas surrounded by old and new friends. Loads of party lovers head here for the festive season just looking for a good time.

This means that the bars are usually rocking and the party atmosphere is simply superb. There are genuinely few feelings in life as thrilling as going skiing during the day and then heading out to enjoy some après ski later on.

This is a fine option for a stag or hen trip, for a chance to catch up with old friends or for a sensational birthday party. Spending the Christmas period having an amazing time like this is almost guaranteed to get you planning your next trip before you even get home.

Have a Magical Family Break

Despite what we have just seen about how good ski breaks can be for party lovers, there is also the fact that it is perfect for families too. If you and the kids want to get away for the festive period then this is a cracking way of doing it.

The skiing, the shopping and the great restaurants all add up to a very special type of Christmas destination. Why not stay in a classy chalet or apartment in order to feel completely comfortable and at home here?

All of the best French Alps resorts have excellent facilities for families, including beginner’s nursery slopes and ski instructors. Places such as La Tania and Flaine are especially highly recommended for family groups, although you will feel the pleasure of a ski trip wherever you go.

This kind of family trip will leave you with lots of wonderful memories and some great photos too. Even if the little ones still aren’t experts at skiing there is still a lot here for them to do, from swimming to eating out and enjoying getting around on the ski lifts.

Enjoy the Romantic Atmosphere

Another Christmas ski holiday experience you might want to sample is that which is offered when you go on a romantic break. What could be better for a couple then a trip to a pretty town high in the snowy mountains?

You can have a magnificent time here wandering hand in hand through the streets, eating in luxurious restaurants and maybe sitting with a glass of wine on your balcony. One of the great things is that you can do as much or as little as you want to here, so it can be an invigorating festive break or a chance to completely relax and lower your stress levels.

Maybe you will want to spend all day out on the slopes together or just enjoy the romantic, peaceful atmosphere of a quality skiing town. Chamonix and Courchevel are a couple of the resorts where you can have romantic Christmas ski holidays in cosy accommodation that you both treasure for the rest of your lives.

This is the sort of romantic break that can definitely put the spark back into a relationship that needs a little bit of help. Alternatively, it could be a way of celebrating an anniversary or some other special date that means a lot to both of you.

Have a Memorable Solo Trip 

While we have only looked at Christmas skiing breaks with company so far, there is also a lot to be said for heading off on your own to the snowy peaks at this time of year. If you want a break that lets you enjoy your own company then this is a fine choice for finding the time and space to have a great time.

Perhaps you could look at going to one of the many resorts that give you easy to access to the huge skiing areas such as Portes du Soleil or the Three Valleys ski area. In this way, you will have plenty of open spaces to explore whenever you want to.

If you want to look to company then you will always find other people having fun in the bars and restaurants of the most popular resorts. However, if what you really want is some quiet thinking time on your own then this is also a perfect kind of treat to give yourself.

Any resort is ideal for this sort of trip and you might want to have a truly luxurious stay in one of the region’s best hotels. This would be a brilliant way to end the year in style in a world class setting high in the beautiful Alps. 

You might also decide to get pampered by going for a spa day or just by putting your feet and living a bit of luxury while you are here. This is a fabulous way to enjoy this time of year in a place where you will feel delighted to be. 

Make It an Unforgettable Treat for Your Team

Another way of getting an unforgettable Christmas treat in the Alps is one that you might never have thought about. The truth is that corporate breaks and team-building trips to these fabulous resorts are more popular than ever before.

Whether you want to reward your team for a fantastic year or plan for the challenges ahead, a ski break like this could be exactly what is needed to reward people for their hard work. For a start, they can all stay together in a comfortable hotel or chalet, where the bonding process will come smoothly and naturally.

There are numerous activities for the team members to enjoy here, with skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports high on the list. The best French Alps ski resorts also give you the chance to try out some adventure sports and to do completely different things from what you do back home.

A huge benefit of getting away like this is that your team go come home afterward feeling completely refreshed and motivated. If it has been a difficult year with lots of tough challenges then this is a wonderful way to finish it on a high.

Regardless of the type of trip you want to make and who you want to do it with, a festive ski break in the French Alps is a great way to make it highly memorable. Don’t let the chance to enjoy one of your best Christmas breaks ever slip by you.


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