Clever Ideas for Holidays With a Theme

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If you fancy trying something a bit different, why not consider a themed holiday? Whatever your interests are, there’s bound to be a company that specialises in building holidays around them. It’s like taking the idea of an experience day and turning it into a week’s trip – or even longer!

Themed breaks such as walking holidays and safaris have been around for years, and are still deservedly popular, but there are many other kinds of themed holidays you could try. Themed holidays are often best if they’re based around an activity you already know you’ll enjoy, rather than trying something new. You might not enjoy your week riding through the Welsh valleys if you’ve never sat on a horse before and it turns out you’re not too keen on the experience!

Sporting holidays

There are many sports-themed holidays you can try, from surfing, mountain biking, scuba diving, and other high adrenaline activities, to the more laid-back options such as touring around the golf courses of Scotland, or a peaceful week’s fishing. If you do like horses, it’s not just the Welsh countryside you could be exploring. You can take riding holidays in most tourist destinations, as well as some more remote locations such as the North African deserts, or the plains of Mongolia. Or you could try being a cowboy (or girl) for a week, rounding up cattle and sleeping around a campfire.

You don’t have to participate in sports to take a sporting break, you could arrange a holiday based around a rugby or cricket tour, or a major sporting event, and just enjoy being a spectator.

Hobby holidays

Hobbies and pastimes are another rich vein of ideas for themed holidays. If you’re passionate about photography, why not book a holiday at, who specialise in taking enthusiastic and adventurous photographers to remote parts of China and other fascinating places.

When people use their time off to pursue an interest that relates to their career, it’s known as a busman’s holiday; but if the subject of your career is one of your major interests in life, what could be more enjoyable? For instance, if you’re a passionate and committed librarian at an inner-city school or busy hospital, what better way to relax than tour round some of the world’s exceptional modern and historical libraries and archives?

If you have an interest in history, or you want to visit the war graves of the fallen in Northern Europe for example, there are few better ways to get close to the past than with a historical tours company. They can guide you through historic events, and good companies have professional historians on their tours who are experts in their field, plus they can often secure access to places individuals wouldn’t be allowed to visit.

If you’ve got a passion in your life, why not explore the potential to make it a theme for a special holiday? Pursuing an activity or interest that you love in new and stimulating surroundings could well turn out to be the holiday of a lifetime.

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