#MyDeskStory – What makes up your workspace?

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One of the best things about blogging is that I get to be a bit more flexible with my workspace than your average worker. When Furniture at Work asked me about #MyDeskStory, I wanted to write about the elements I’ve found that combine to create the perfect workspace for my productivity and happiness. While I’m not constrained to an office seating plan, I should really make the most of that freedom!

I don’t always get the chance to have this in my workspace – but when I have the opportunity, I love to work in front of a window. Some of the best things I’ve written have come to mind when looking for inspiration over a London skyline, or out onto scenic countryside. A great view is so much more invigorating than a blank wall – I think everyone would agree on that!

Cursed with feeling perpetually hungry, if I’m at home I like to prepare my workspace with lots of little snacks to stave away the distraction of a grumbling stomach. If it’s something I can argue as being a bit healthy, that’s a bonus! My current favourites are roasted almonds, which have a lot of Vitamin E and a high level of protein. Another classic pairing is celery sticks and hummus, which I go through like nobody’s business. A slightly guiltier pleasure is three or four digestive biscuits (five or six).

One crucial element of my workspace productivity is background noise. Libraries are not for me; I find it so much easier to focus when I’ve got a lot of chatter around me. It sounds counter-intuitive but for some reason silence is so distracting – I can never get anything done when I’m surrounded by nothing but my own thoughts. In fact, I’ve even researched this and found that background music is proven to improve the quality and quantity of your work.

When I’m working from home it can get a bit quiet, so I will usually have a bit of radio or TV on around me – as long as it’s not something too distracting. When I’m out and about, a busy coffee shop is perfect for me to get my head down and focus on work. The accountability of being out in public is also a good incentive to stop me whiling away the day on social media.

What things make you most productive at your desk?
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