Ditching the Tube: Exciting Ways to Get Around London

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London has a wealth of public transport, but with the recent tube strikes and the looming possibility of more on the horizon, those living and working in the capital are in search of other ways to get around.

Whether you’re visiting the big city on holiday and are looking for cool ways to see the sights, or are sick of worrying about how you’ll get to work, then consider these fun alternative forms of transport.


Get Your Own Wheels

You’re probably thinking ‘A car? In central London? Madness!’ Instead, picture something a little smaller. Society is constantly hunting for new ways to make the daily commute easier and the latest technology may have the perfect solution. Not much larger than a pair of peddles, you can now purchase a Swegway Evolution Board. Using gyroscopic technology, this self balancing board travels at 10kph and is incredibly responsive making it easy to manoeuvre. Also, the board only takes 3 hours to charge, making it ideal for commuters.

Climb in a Cable Car

If you want something a little different and enjoy a good panoramic view, then London’s cable car may be for you. Perhaps not the best option for commuters as it only travels a short distance between the O2 and Royal Victoria Dock, it’s a great choice for those days when you want to play the tourist. During the summer months the cable cars operate at late as 11pm, so they’re brilliant if you want to experience the city come alive at night.


Boris Bikes

Launched in July 2010, the London cycle hire initiative (or ‘Boris Bikes’) has inspired many similar schemes across the UK. While they are already a fairly popular option in the capital, a new app launched earlier this year that makes hire even easier. You simply register your bank details and get a release code, allowing a simple checkout process. They’re a fantastic option, allowing you to beat the city’s congestion, keep fit and avoid the stuffy tube on a hot summer’s day. Plus, they only cost £2 for 24 hours, making them a complete bargain.

Take to the Water

The River Thames is a central landmark, yet there aren’t many people who regularly use the water as a method of transport. However, dotted across the city you will find several piers and docks, each marked with the familiar London transport logo. From these embankments there are clippers and boats offering guided tours and leisurely cruises. Complete with onboard cafes, all rides are payable by card, cash and oyster. Running between 7am and midnight, they certainly make a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the tube.

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