Essential kayaking accessories

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Kayaking is an exhilarating sport, and as part of the sport there are a number of obvious items that you need for this hobby, such as the Inflatable kayaks and some paddles to be able to propel yourself through the water. But after that, there is a wave of wonderful accessories that can provide you with an extra layer of comfort or safety whilst you are kayaking. These are definitely worth investing in if you are thinking about making kayaking a key part of your life.

Personal floatation device

It’s a very good idea to always wear a buoyancy aid when you are out on the water.

A personal floatation device is similar to a life jacket, but allows you more movement around the arms and neck, which make them much more suited to kayaking. Even if you are a strong swimmer, you never know when you might get into trouble in the water.

Kayaking Helmet

Whilst on a calm river and the peaceful waters of the shoreline, a helmet might not be crucial; but wearing a kayaking helmet will certainly be useful if you are going down a slightly stronger flowing river and rocky area or an area with low hanging branches. The helmet will protect your head from these threats, as well as getting bashed by your own paddle.

Wet shoes

An obvious problem that comes with kayaking, is that you are bound to get wet. So wearing wet shoes, that keep your feet dry and allow you to walk on slippery surfaces, is certainly a really good idea.

A wetsuit

On a warm day, kayaking in a pair of shorts and t-shirt is a wonderful experience. But if it is colder or you are paddling in any sort of turbulent water, then you will want to wear a wetsuit.

When kayaking, it is inevitable that you will get wet, even if it’s just a little splash from the water surface. Especially if there is any chance you might fall in the water, then you should dress for the water temperature; because cold water shock can be really dangerous.

A rope bag

If you are kayaking as a beginner with a group, your instructor will have a rope bag. But if you are leading a group or going out with a fellow paddler, then your own rope bag is definitely a good thing to have.

A rope bag is simply a bag which has a rope loosely tucked inside. If you need to rescue a fellow kayaker, you can hold one end of the rope and throw the bag out to the kayaker in trouble.

A safety knife

Whilst it might sound rather extreme, a knife is an essential piece of kayaking safety equipment.

This isn’t any old knife we are recommending, we are talking about a kayaking knife. Kayaking knives come in plastic sheaths, so you don’t stab yourself with it.

They are often tucked into your buoyancy aid in a place that’s easy to reach in case of emergency.

A dry bag

We have left arguably one of the most important accessories to the end. When you are kayaking, dry bags are a great way to keep your items dry, whether it is a spare set of clothes or your mobile phone. Dry bags are totally watertight, so will keep your precious contents dry even if you capsize.

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