Exploring the Evolution of Big Cities

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Everything which is synonymous with a big city kind of came into being as part of a bunch of self-fulfilling prophecies, one of which is how everybody sort of knows that things are a bit more expensive in a big city. Coming from a small town girl who has made one such big city her home for a good while now, I’ve come to learn that one doesn’t really have to accept things the way they’re made out to be.

Things are only as expensive as everyone makes them out to be, for example, by simply patronising those vendors and service providers who price their offerings as high as they do. I guess they’re not blameless themselves because it appears as if they’ll stretch their pricing as far as they can and even try to get a little bit more out of the buyer, letting up only once demand seems to be stalling.

Looking at things in this way prompted me to want to go all the way back to how big cities came into being and evolved and the journey has been one of more than just pursuing an interesting topic. I’ve actually managed to enhance my life in the big city, in the process quite astutely escaping some of the trappings of a big city which people seem to accept as a standard.

For example, my groceries cost about two thirds of what I used to pay for them and this hasn’t compromised the quality at all. If anything, this has only served to enhance the quality because I buy fresh and travel quite a bit to source the best supplies, most of which are the freshest just on the outskirts of the big city. That’s where the vendors who sell deep within the city source their produce and they add a pound or two per item before selling it on for what naturally adds up to some big profits.

Sure, you do pay for convenience as well, such as the convenience of not having to commute all the way across town just to get one or two items on your grocery list a pound or two cheaper, but if you sit down and really calculate the differences, they add up quite significantly over time.

That’s pretty much how big cities have evolved – they’ve become a sort of insulated void within which anyone and everyone effectively tries their luck and takes their shot at the big time, which is why there are some popularised songs about big cities like the one about New York City claiming that “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

Everything seems to be happening faster and faster as well in modern day big cities, with auto accident attorneys such as Rutter Mills having no shortage of cases to take on, particularly since they offer free consultation as their way of setting themselves apart from what are otherwise service providers who only seem to be in it for the sales volumes and profits.

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