Keeping Your Home Safe While You Are Away

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We all have the right to take a vacation without worrying about things at home.  When you leave for vacation, you expect that your house will remain undisturbed while you are away.  Unfortunately, there are unseen dangers involved in leaving your home dormant.  

The good news is that there is plenty you can do to better secure your home.  You spent so much time and money to find your dream home, do not allow mischief to ruin your environment.  Here are a few ways to keep your home safe while you are away on vacation.  

Secure your most valuable possessions before you leave

Just in case your home is compromised while you are away, it is best to place your most valuable belongings in a secured place.  A small, fireproof safe that locks is a great way to start protecting your important pieces.  

Articles such as your family’s birth certificates, and other sensitive information are invaluable.  Think like a thief when determining what items should be in a lock box and what should be left accessible.  

Make your home appear occupied while you are gone

Technology has made it simple to make your home appear occupied, even when there is no one home.  Research the different mobile apps available for this purpose specifically, and find which one best fits your needs as a household.  

You have the ability to put a timer on your home’s lighting, turn your television off and on, and much more from the palm of your hand.  Also, leave your curtains and window treatments just as you would have them if you were home.  

Enlist the help of friends and neighbors

While you are out having the time of your life, enlist the eyes of your friends, family, and neighbors to keep your home safe.  Make it obvious that your house never sleeps.  Keep people rolling by to check on things throughout the day, and no one will bother your place.  

Be discreet about the details of your vacation

Modern criminals know how to use technology to their benefit.  It is best that you do not broadcast your vacation plans on your social media profiles.  You never know who will obtain that information and use it to their advantage.  

Wait until you return from your vacation to post pictures and memories.  Share your experiences with your family first.  Do not spend your whole vacation posting on social media.  

Put a hold on your mail

It is pretty easy to make a stop by the post office and ask them to hold your mail while you are gone on vacation.  When your mail is left to stack up while you are away, it makes it very obvious that you are not home.  

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