How to make that London flight connection easier

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It’s 6am on a Saturday morning. Dave stretches out his arm and bashes the alarm clock, trying to halt the insistent ringing that is trying to get his attention. Then he suddenly remembers why the alarm has been set, and jolts upright, instantly regretting the move.

Dave is not exactly what we’d call a morning person, and last night’s office party to celebrate landing the new contract got a little wild, which certainly isn’t helping this morning. And today is an important day, because in just a few hours he and Phil will be on their way to Germany to meet with their clients.

A quick shower and as much coffee as he can get down, and finally Dave feels alert enough to call a cab. The lady who answers the phone, however, doesn’t seem to be any more switched on than Dave this morning. She keeps asking him to repeat things, until finally she seems to get an understanding of where he is and where he wants to go. She assures him that a cab will be there in 15 to 20 minutes to pick him up.

Thirty five minutes later, the cab arrives, and adding insult to injury, honks impatiently for Dave to come outside. Fortunately today the traffic seems to be light, and they are making good time, until the moment the driver turns onto the M23.

Traffic is backed up for miles, because apparently the Croydon Piano Tuner’s Union has chosen this very day as the day to stage a picket line that has somehow wandered across the motorway, throwing the early morning traffic flow into chaos.

As the minutes tick by, Dave becomes more and more worried about making it to the airport on time to check in for this all-important flight (not to mention that the taxi meter is ticking away the whole time).

Phil’s experience couldn’t be more different. He has smartly arranged his London airport transfer several days in advance with Blacklane. Not only that, he has also arranged for the same service to provide transport from the airport in Frankfurt to his hotel there.

While he eats breakfast, he checks his phone and smiles. The driver has already arrived and is waiting for him. With plenty of time to spare, Phil calmly gathers his luggage and steps outside. Noticing that Phil is on his way out, the Blacklane driver comes to help Phil with the luggage.

The driver already knows all about the chaos on the M23, and has planned an alternative route to avoid any delays. This is possible thanks to Blacklane’s sophisticated advisory system that alerts drivers to these kinds of situations.

Phil enjoys a smooth quiet ride in a luxurious Mercedes E-Class limousine, able to read his newspaper in peace, without a worry in the world about whether they’ll arrive on time. Nor does he have any undue anxiety about safety, as he knows that with Blacklane, all the drivers and vehicles are thoroughly vetted against the strictest criteria. Plus all Blacklane drivers are required to have full commercial insurance, so customers like Phil can have the utmost peace of mind.

Dave and Phil both made it to the airport on time for their flight. But where Phil was cool, calm, and collected, Dave was a frayed mess, drenched in sweat, and totally on edge. For a smoother London airport transfer, it’s always best to plan ahead.

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