Maldives on a budget

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Looking for a Maldives holiday package that fits your budget? Even though this is the place for exotic and indulgent vacations, you can enjoy Maldives on a budget too. In fact, for many, going to Maldives on a budget can be even more exciting than luxury resorts.

One of the problems with most Maldives packages is that since the resort is built on its own island, you’re pretty much isolated from the rest of the country. You will have to rely on ferries to get around and they’re not very reliable. Instead, travelling on a budget means that you get to experience the more authentic local life.

Cheap accommodation is available in the form of guesthouses. Some guesthouses will include lunch, water and a soft drink while some do not include any extras. The guesthouses are also a great place to book your excursions like snorkeling. You can shop around and check out which place offers the best prices.

Maldives is a strictly Muslim country so you have to be careful about what to wear and stay covered, especially at tourist spots. Basically anything goes on the resorts but they’re frightfully expensive, so it is best to respect the cultural norms and use your discretion when in public. There are beaches exclusively for tourists and designated areas for sunbathing are available but it is best to check beforehand.

Each beach and every island is different from the other so containing yourself to just one area means you won’t have the best experience that this country has to offer. Travelling from island to island also means you and pick and choose the best one that fits your budget for the extended stay. This way, you get to explore the country and so on a budget so it is the best of both worlds.

Another great way to enjoy the best of Maldives on a budget is to avoid alcohol. Since Maldives is a Muslim country, alcohol is only available at resorts and is quite expensive so unless this a vacation where you intend to splurge a lot, stay off alcohol to the extent possible.

The one thing that’ll probably hurt the most is the taxes. The local authorities & governments levy high goods and services tax that’ll pinch, every time you make a purchase so it is best to take this into account. Also make sure that you have enough Maldivian Rufiyaa since ATMs do not always work and are hard to find.

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