Make wishes – Shakuntali will help you to make them come true!

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We tirelessly make the wishes. For the sake of our wellbeing, we tend to wish more in finances, business, profession, love. We dream about favorite food, vacation, a call from our soulmate.
Shakuntali, the Enlightened Woman, opens to us how to make all our wishes come true and ….how to make the right wishes.
Shakuntali has made her main wish come true long ago – she wished she could help people. This was her mission by birth, her predestination.
Shakuntali is an Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is a temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.
Shakuntali is entirely fulfilling her dream now – there are thousands of women around the world who have changed their lives through Shakuntali.
So how to make all your wishes come true very fast? Shakuntali responds.
Check your Energy levels.
If you want to pluck the apple from the upper branch, it is not easy task if you are not tall enough. The same is with your wishes. If you are not enlightened inside, if your energy level is low, you will never catch your dream. Shakuntali always advises being in connection with those who have already achieved a higher energy level. This may encourage you to lift yourself up to the same level.
It may take time and it’s OK.
We often want to make our wishes come true right now, at least, as fast as possible.
But we must be ready for these changes to come into our life. That is why you should not hurry them up. Everything comes when you are ready to accept it and enjoy it to the fullest.
Your physical body is your precious jar.
Take care of your physical body. This will help you to maintain a good level of your energy, as we spend lots of energy on healing ourselves if something in our body goes wrong.
Shakuntali also recommends you to give up your bad habits as it saves a great amount of energy.
Your predestination.
Living in accordance with your predestination gives you incredible Power. All your energy flows are opened, and you are ready to accept everything that Spirits, or God, grant us.
That is why Shakuntali pays so much attention to it during her classes and consultations.
Besides, finding your predestination prevents you from chaotic wishes and guides you for being accurate with your dreams.
Be brave to change your life for the better
Shakuntali describes one of her students, let’s call her M., who has been a very successful lawyer for years with all the material wealth you could imagine. Although she has had everything material that most of us are eager for in our everyday life, she fell into the deep depression. Nothing helped her – nor change of scenery, neither medications prescribed. 
Things even went worse when she began suffering from the panic attacs.
After coming to Shakuntali seminars, the reason for the depression was revealed. Shakuntali found out that M. didn’t follow her real predestination. She became the lawyer just because she was originated from the lawyers’ family, so she took the position everybody expected her to take. As a result, she subconsciously knew that her being here was meaningless.
After discussing her situation with Shakutali, M. recalled that once she loved teaching, especially working with children.
Now she is a qualified devoted teacher, her life changed tremendously and the depression is long forgotten.
Make all your wishes come true
According to Shakuntali, we can create our life as we want it to be. The main thing is to feed our inner selves with positive energy and find our predestination for all our wishes would be determined and solid.

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