The Famous Residents of Highgate Cemetery

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The famous residents of Highgate Cemetery can be thought of as having come to stay over in West Wickham after their time in the Roman army. They are buried in the west part of this vast and famous cemetery, which also houses some of the more modern examples of the style of burial that was common during the times of the Romans. This article covers some of the more popular and interesting residents of Highgate Cemetery who may well surprise those who have never visited before.

The first of these visitors is Captain William Wallace, who was a famous English poet and captain during the time of the Protectorate. He was born in Ireland but had been living in England when the Wars of the Roses broke out. As he fought and eventually died in battle near the battlefield of Wakefield, it was here that he was remembered. In his poem entitled A Place of Sleep, he is quoted as saying that he could not remember any joys except for the fighting and he had lost countenance on all else. It was here in Wakefield that he finally succumbed to the bullet that was fired by a rebel at close range.

Next on the list is Thomas Bickerstaff. He was a merchant who later became an MP and Lord Protector of England during the reign of Queen Victoria. Bickerstaff is remembered fondly for standing next to Westminster Abbey when it was being reconstruction prior to its completion. He was also a key member of the suffragettes during the time of the Industrial Revolution. He was also the husband of Mary Bickers, who was one of the co-signatories of the Declaration of Independence.

One other resident is Lady Gregory, cousin to Queen Elizabeth I. She was also born in Ireland but became a British citizen and lover of literature during the Regency Period. She was active in the fight for women’s rights during the time of the Industrial Revolution. It is also worth noting that she was the first British lady to be put to death during the Industrial Revolution when she was beheaded along with her husband by the hands of the Enclosure Company. Her husband was tried and convicted and executed for the crime.

There are also a few notable guests who can be found in this popular tourist attraction. There are Prince William and Kate Middleton, the princes’ younger brothers, who happen to be frequenters of Highgate. The Royal Family happens to be regular visitors as well. Other notable residents are the Countless Knights of the Order of the British Empire, the Trojan War protesters and supporters, and the Captain of the Guards, Sir Peter Cates.

A more recent addition to the cemetery is the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. This splendid addition was built in memory of the Princess Diana, who was murdered in the car crash that happened in Paris while she was visiting the French capital. A stone plaque with the Princess’ name and birthdate is placed in the center of the fountain. The statue of the Princess Diana is also accompanied by a bronze plaque bearing her full name and the dates of her birth and death.

You do not have to travel far to enjoy a more visual treat in the Cemetery. Since the area was included in the World Heritage List, it is free to visit the cemetery. One way you can make the most out of your visit is to climb the lighthouse and take a stroll around the entire grounds. It is also possible for you to get a glimpse of the grave stones of those who have been laid to rest here.

There is a beautiful park in Highgate that is managed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The Park is managed by the Friends of Highgate and offers many attractions to visitors. The park features a large Children’s park and a playground. The park has two types of attractions; the first is a play area for the kids where they can run and jump on trampolines. The other attraction is the Belmont Waterfront, where visitors can enjoy a picnic and walk over the sea-side landscape.

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