Netherlands, where Van Gogh creations come to life

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Cycle from one part of a city to other and be amidst quaint surroundings; that’s the best way to explore the Netherlands. One of the most liberal countries in the world, you have arrays of tulip fields to give fillip to your imagination and with its intricate canal system your imagination meets the other similar minds to share the joy of creativity. Like Vincent Van Gogh, you would be able to paint your own landscape on the Netherlands tour.


The everlasting memory of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is its canal system and the authorities have made sure that the system remains in its most pristine form. You can access almost the entire city through the canals and when you visit an art gallery or a museum, reaching there on a water taxi, the beautiful aura is already there in your mind and you tend to appreciate the creative display even more. You can even take a stroll on the streets with no destined destination and the serenity of the city would engulf you and take you to a higher state of mind.

Keukenhof, the tulip capital of the world, is the largest garden in the world for public and when you take a walk with the mesmerizing vista to sooth you, the artist in you would come to the fore inadvertently. About seven hundred types of tulips create their own flower show and with the unmatched Dutch technology, the show goes on almost for the entire year. Though tulips are the main attractions at the place, you can also see several other varieties of flowers and plants showcasing their beauty. You can see daffodils, crocuses as well as hyacinths. Hoge Veluwe National Park with its about fourteen thousands acres of expanse is one of the most enjoyable places for tourists and you should also include it in your Netherlands holiday package. There are a few other things that you must explore on your Netherland tour including the windmills of Kinderdijk, Valkenburg and the dykes at Zeeland.

Nature has endowed human minds the vision to come out with something new every time they go on exploration and in a country like the Netherlands where beauty is everywhere, coming out with something new becomes inherent to human beings. Go on the Netherlands holiday packages with SOTC as your companion and your smooth journey will have the best things in store for you.

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