Scrigno Soprana Accessories are Best Bought Online

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I suppose all the added security at the airport is justified and warranted given recent terrorist-related events, but that still doesn’t make it any less of a pain to have to go through customs secondary each time one comes back from a trip abroad. I learned quite an expensive lesson recently when I decided to buy some accessories straight from a physical carrier of the Scrigno Soprana range of jewellery and accessories, particularly their Pesavento range.

Okay, so I’ll admit that many of the pieces were indeed gifts for some friends and family, but still, I was the one who had to carry all the items and bring them into the country. I had to declare them as such and I think it might be as a result of the UK’s pulling out of the EU which had me stuck with quite the customs duties and taxes bill.

I’m not sure if the physical carriers of the Pesavento line of Scrigno Soprana accessories offer nearly the same prices as one would get sourcing them directly online, but that is indeed the lesson I learned. I mean it’s always a different story being able to touch and feel the jewellery in your hands before making the purchase, but in the specific case of this line it’s better to buy online. That way you won’t be stuck in customs secondary for hours on end, with the customs officials trying to determine the total import duties you should be paying.

To anyone who has a keen eye for fashion in any case, you can visualise how something like the Pesavento DNA Spring Bracelet is going to look on your wrist and paired with whatever outfit you see fit to pair it with, without having to handle the physical product. If it looks good on the website’s store front you can take it from a reliable source (me) that it will look even better, physically!

The same goes for the DNA Shine Bracelet in the same range, and even the DNA necklace of which I had to buy two, one for me and the other for a BFF of mine. Now this is where the problem with the guy at the customs desk was most pronounced because what he did was go online to look to see if he couldn’t find the retail value of the pieces and this apparent retail value was to be used to work out my customs duty.

On the Pesavento online shop, which would have been a better option for me since I would have enjoyed the discounted price in addition to not having to worry about customs in this way, the indicative retail price is about 20 Euros short of the actual price I would have paid for it.

So, lesson learnt: buy online, especially if you’re dealing with some exclusive items like all the jewellery and accessories making up the Scrigno Soprana Pesavento range! Besides, shopping online gives one access to the full range of available pieces as opposed to only being stuck with those that are carried in-stock by a physical reseller.

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