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No two people see alike, and we should take pride in our differences, because this is what makes us unique. The same experience can seem totally different to two different people, and while someone may only see the bright side of things, there are also others who notice even the slightest cracks in the surface. Such is the case with travelling as well – each experience is unique and offers everyone a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn.


Write it down

It’s not just about practicing your writing skills, but about preserving memories to make them last longer. Details fade from our minds after a while, and soon you will forget about that delicious local dish you tried in Paris, or that cutest pub in Sydney, or even what that lovely girl that was sitting next to you on a plane had told you about herself.

You can even choose to publish your story on one of the travel blogs and allow other people to see what you’ve experienced. Maybe someone will recognize their small village from your description, or you may even get in touch again with someone who you’ve met while you were travelling. You never know who can benefit from what you have shared with the world, and you will be pleased to have your story out in the open.

The eye of the camera

Uploading photos on your Facebook and Instagram account could get you many likes, but people who will see it are mostly your friends and acquaintances, and they will want to hear the story from you as well. If you want to have people worldwide looking at some of the amazing shots you have taken during your summer trip, road trip, or a simple camping trip you took with your buddies, share it on some of the websites like EyeEm. There are many sites and blogs that will allow you to upload your photos for the world to see, and who knows, maybe someone will be inspired with what you recorded and decide to see for themselves the beauty you photographed.


Tell about it

The simplest and yet one of the most powerful tools is storytelling. Tell the story of your travel to everyone who asks you about it (and let’s face it, you will tell your friends all about it anyway). By speaking about it, you awaken the imagination of your listeners  (they will become interested in what you are talking about), and perhaps the coolest thing will have someone exclaim: “I want to try that too!”, or your anecdotes will make their day. Even the most dreadful mishaps that have happened to you can become a good story, and one day you can look at your travel buddy and start another wonderful walk down memory lane with words like: “Remember that time we got lost when we were travelling through Eastern


You never know how your travel story and experience will affect someone else if you decide to share it – maybe someone will like what you have experienced and wish to try the same thing, or perhaps you will help someone avoid a bad experience by sharing what you have been through. Travelling is a chance to learn, and sharing your story is a chance for someone else to learn as well.

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