4 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs to Travel Alone

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Every time you take a trip, you grow as a person. You learn to become more tolerant of all the differences that make each one of us unique. You also start to slowly let go of all fear-of-the-unknown-induced prejudices and become increasingly integrated, not only into specific societies, but into the whole world. However, when engaging on a solo trip, getting in touch with yourself is added to the equation. The thing is – it is not only that you can do whatever you want, but that you absolutely have to. This means that you become stronger as a person – a quality that numerous women subconsciously woman travelcrave for themselves when belonging to male dominate cultures.

Change how People Perceive You

External opinions do matter, no matter how much we want it to be otherwise. We all want to be that person that just doesn’t care what other people think, but, in truth, the only way to achieve this is to truly be respected by everyone. The first feeling people get when they hear about someone having traveled alone is the feeling of admiration and respect. This is what every woman that strives towards strength of consciousness truly needs.

Carpe Diem: “Seize the day!”

Look, I know that sounded cheesy, but this saying has such a bad reputation only due to its frequent overuse, while it is a brief and yet a very powerful one. You can’t experience the true meaning of it until you’ve traveled solo. As mentioned, being a woman on her own, in a foreign country, completely surrounded by strangers and unfamiliar areas is a thing of must, rather than a thing of can. You’ll experience things in a whole new way, liking that which you wouldn’t be so excited about in a group of familiar people. You’ll learn to appreciate the smallest of things and see them grow in value before yourtravel 2 very eyes. It’s like learning to breathe in a completely different way.

Adaptability and Resourcefulness

Finding oneself in situations that seem unsolvable gives you strength as a person. After you’ve gone through a number of unpredictable problems (as you undoubtedly will, especially in the beginning), you’ll not only learn to avoid and surpass them, but also keep cool and approach them with a steady mind. Certain situations that once used to scare you, like trying to figure out travel and expense management,  will become a breeze in no time. You’ll learn to deal with people, to talk to them with ease, and get out of every bad situation your faith has in store for you. This is an important part for becoming a strong, independent woman, not only on the road, but in life in general.

Getting to Know Your True Self

What becoming familiar with yourself truly means is learning about your strengths and weaknesses. When you think about it, you yourself are your own best buddy. We all might be aware of this, but it is only after you’ve taken on a solo excursion that you will get the true meaning of this. While finding what you excel in is obviously a good thing, learning the things that you’re bad at does tend to sound discouraging. There simply is no truth to this. One has to know their weaknesses, not only so that they can avoid being exposed to situations that induce them, but so that these flaws  can be overcome with building a better self psychologically.

I hope that I’ve stressed enough about the importance of solo travel for a modern woman. As you strive towards having a strong spirit and an independent mind, you unconsciously do so for every woman out there. So, grab your suitcase and prepare for a trip that will help you grow into a stronger woman.

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