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South London Best Places to Travel

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The best place to travel in south London is undeniably South London. This is due to the extensive choices of luxury hotels that are available here. If you want to experience something special with your stay in the area, you should definitely consider a luxury London hotel. Here are some of the best places to travel in south London.

South Bank. The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, is an impressive, cantilevered observation tower on the banks of the Thames on the South Bank of the River Thames. The London Eye’s sister site, the Millennium Wheel, which features a replica of the Tower of London, is the best place to travel in south London to get a real feel for this historic area of London. The London Eye is open for a number of attractions during the daytime. Once nighttime strikes, it becomes a completely different experience and you will be treated to spectacular fireworks and performances. While the Millennium Wheel offers a more traditional venue for fireworks, it is definitely worth a visit during the evening to see the spectacular show.

Southhall Market Hall. The Southhall Market Hall has been home to numerous important events, including musicals and the Reggae concert, which was recently staged at the hall. While the market hall may not be the best place to travel in south London to buy contemporary goods, it is still worth a visit for its extensive collection of antiques.

Borough Palace. If you would like to travel to a luxurious location, then you should certainly make a trip to the Borough Palace. Located on the bank of the Thames in central London, the Palace is among the top destinations to travel to in south London. This prestigious location features a state-of-the-art Millennium wheel, surrounded by an extravagant foyer and grandiose staircase. While the view from the top of the Millennium Wheel is breath-taking, it may not be the best place to travel in south London.

Cogenitorium. If you are looking for an inexpensive place to eat, you need look no further than Cogenitorium. This seafood restaurant is located on Fleet Street and offers a casual dining atmosphere. It is one of the few places that travellers can get a taste of Eastern European food in the UK. As you may be expecting, Cogenitorium does serve some very good seafood dishes.

The Theatre Royal. Few things can beat the beauty of the Theatre Royal when it comes to exploring the best places to travel in south London. Located on London’s trendy Clapham Common, the theatre is one of the best attractions that tourists can experience in south London. It is home to three well-known stage shows, as well as a wide range of live entertainment ranging from concerts and performances to family shows and productions. During the day, the theatre is open to the public for general shows as well as ticketed events.

The Theatre Royal. If your idea of fun does not include seeing a show at the West End, the Theatre Royal may be the right venue for your trip. With more than two hundred seats, the theatre is one of the best places to watch a live performance in south London. During the day, you may even want to take in some of the artsy exhibits inside the Museum. If you’re lucky, you may even see a production of a London theatre before it moves to the West End.

Brixton. Those looking for the best place to travel in south London need look no further than Brixton. This area of London is renowned for its street life, with many shops and restaurants located on the busy streets. Those visiting South London will find that it is easy to see the theater as it is conveniently located close to the Bayswater and Camden Town metro stations. There are also plenty of hotels and pubs to enjoy both while staying at one of Brixton’s many pubs or hotels.

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