Sports Betting – Why We’re Seeing More and Bigger Jackpot Winners

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The formalised sports betting scene had a lot to draw on prior to its formalisation, with lots of sports fans already putting down money against each other and effectively betting on the outcomes they predict over the opposing predictions of their peers. Kudos to those who saw the opportunity to monetise what has been a long-going process through formalised betting structures since bookmakers essentially benefit from the general rule that the house always wins.


While the house may always win, this doesn’t mean that everybody else has to always lose. Quite the contrary in fact, because we are indeed seeing much bigger jackpot winners and many more of them as well.

Online Betting Advocate

Yes, the online betting world which encompasses online casinos and online sports betting platforms is a huge advocate for the emergence of more winners who are walking away with the big jackpots. For the truly professional sports bettor or overall gambler the understanding is that it’s not about taking a guess and then leaving it up to the gods to match your guess to the winning set of numbers or results. The professional gambler understands that it’s all about operating within those few permutations which could match your selections to the winning combinations and not necessarily betting on the team your heart says is going to win, in the case of sports betting that is.

Previously this approach would have meant that you’d have to fill out a wager ticket down at your local sports betting outlet or you would have had to physically visit a casino. If you’re analysing odds and betting according to that methodology, you’d have a lot of wager tickets to fill out which would draw a lot of embarrassing stares I suppose, whereas that can all be done online, in the privacy of your own home, via online platforms such as Netbet. Consequently, smarter bettors and gamblers are using online platforms to take their time and place bets according to a methodology they’d otherwise find hard to adhere to at physical betting locations such as casinos or sports betting tabs.

More In-Depth Analysis

In addition to online gambling platforms effectively serving as an advocate for smarter bettors who consequently win bigger jackpots more regularly, some other tools come into play which are used to conduct a more in-depth analysis. If we’re to take the world’s most popular sport into account (football), an example of a novice bettor betting with their heart and perhaps recent history would be one who perhaps chooses Manchester United Football Club as a “banker” — a club which is sure to win most of their games. A more in-depth analysis however suggests that the catalyst behind this particular club’s success over the past few years was perhaps the iconic manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, whose history with the club can almost exclusively be attributed to its success.

Analytical bettors who understand this line of thinking are emerging in their numbers, using their heads to place bets instead of their hearts and sticking to a solid strategy. This is why we’re seeing more and bigger jackpot winners in both the sports betting world and other online casino games.

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