Hampstead Heath Ponds

Swimming in Hampstead Heath Ponds

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The tranquil reservoir, Hampstead Heath, is located at the southern tip of London. It is known for its bird life, particularly the world’s largest aviary – the Atkin’s Hawk. Bird lovers will find a range of different species including woodpeckers, wrens and cardinals. In fact, swans, ducks and geese have been known to be close by on occasion.

The famous Royal Park at Earls Court, part of which can be found in Hampstead Heath Ponds, has become a popular family attraction over the years. Families visit the park to observe the various birds and wildlife, and even to take part in some extreme sports. But perhaps the most unusual things to see here are the ponds themselves. The ponds have evolved over the centuries to serve many different purposes. The purpose of these ponds has changed over time, but have not lost their charm.

This is one of several issues relating to the Royal Park at Hampstead Heath Ponds. One of them is that there is a world record for the largest fish ever caught in one day. The current record holder is the 25 pound caviar fish that was caught by one person on August 4th, 2020. This fish, called Grouper, is considered a new record because it was caught using a thermometer. The fish had been kept in small containers attached to piers and the temperature was constantly checked.

Another interesting fact about the Royal Park is that it used to be called Hogsmeade. Harry Tate used to swim here in the year 1270. This would make him the first person to swim to the United Kingdom from France. There is also a very interesting issue title about this in the London Magazine, London Sports.

Some of the other interesting facts about the Royal Park are its origins and what happens in it during the summer. One of the attractions here is the crazy golf course. The wildfowl population is protected here and you can feed them here. It is also where you can learn to ride roller skates, water shoes and go on crazy golfing rides. Another attraction is the swimming pool, known as the “Hogwarts” and the swimming baths.

Of course we cannot forget to mention the most famous attraction at the park: the Ice Climbing wall. Here you will find some strange yet very nice formations. The most famous ice climbing wall in Europe is made of a traditional Roman arch and it can take up to three days to do. If you are climbing it at the winter time you will need special ice climbing boots. You will also have to dress warmly for the climb. The last but not least we should not forget to tell you about the most unusual things you can do while you are there:

As we said you can go for a swim in Hampstead Heath if you want to relax or get fit. You can go for butterfly and dolphin walks, dolphin watch and go on dolphin cruises. You can go on crazy bike rides and have fun watching people play tennis, badminton and table tennis. If you have children they can have lots of fun in the swimming pools. For adults there are so many water activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, rafting, camping and even a cinema here. Many clubs in the area have swimming facilities so you can practice swimming in the waters and get good results.

When you get tired of swimming you can take a trip to the beach. There are so many beaches in London and you will surely find one near your home. If you want to go further you can always rent a car and get to all the interesting places in London. It is so cheap to rent a car that you can spend several hours just exploring the capital. You should really take a good look at all the places you will find in Hampstead Heath before making your final decision.

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