The Best Geographical Places to Stay in The Centre Of The English City Of London

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Summary: Tourists have a variety of great places they can stay in central London, but their decision depends on the choice of attractions and sights they would like to see. 

It is a very important decision when choosing where to stay in the city of London when on holiday there. Tourists should pick their accommodation according to what is on their list of things to do and see. For instance it could be that travellers really want to see the London Eye and if that’s the case then they must also work out what else is around this famous landmark. There are many things to see in this part of the English capital including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. If tourists really want to see all these lovely attractions then they should definitely find a residence within walking distance.

Another wonderful area of London is the bustling Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square sections. This is an ideal place for tourists that want to head there for the theatre or to enjoy the many bookshops, cinemas and cafes in this district. This part of the capital has the excellent National Gallery that includes amazing paintings by some of the masters including Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Monet. Travellers should definitely also have a wander of Chinatown for its beautiful walkway and brilliant restaurants. Visitors will fall in love with this part of London as it is just a lot of fun to soak in the lively atmosphere.


Tourists should try and find the best location when it comes to choosing a residence that is close to attractions and landmarks. There are many amazing hotels in Sussex Gardens that are worth visiting including the Kingsway Park Hotel. Here there are fantastic rooms that have a large en-suite bathroom with hairdryer, shower and bath. There are many modern amenities in the rooms such as a telephone, plasma television and Wi-Fi internet. There is a mini-fridge that’s great for storing food and drink, as well as tea and coffee-making facilities. 

There are many people who head to London with children so they may want to stay close to family-friendly attractions. Many tourists will want to head to famous wax museum Madame Tussauds, which is visited by thousands of people every week. Nearby here are a range of other destinations including Regent’s Park that has a rose garden and plenty of space for sports such as football and cricket. There is also London Zoo nearby that has a huge array of mammals, reptiles and birds for young ones and adults to enjoy. Tourists can also venture to Primrose Hill to see excellent views of the city below and also have a leisurely picnic.

It could also be that travellers want to visit the fabulous cultural institutions in the capital including the top British Museum. This lovely destination has an impressive permanent collection of sculptures, artefacts and paintings from several historic periods. There are regular events at this venue that are created for adults and children. There are plenty of other attractions near this destination including Russell Square that is ideal for a morning walk or to just take some time out from the busy city with a book or magazine. There are many cinemas, theatres and bookshops near this destination that are also worth visiting.

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