Helpful Tips For Tourists Who Are Travelling During Peak Holiday Season To London

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Summary: Going on holiday during peak season means arriving early at sights to beat the queues and consciously leaving the tourist trail for quieter places of interest. 

Travellers heading on holiday during peak season know what is involved when planning a trip away without any hassle. Tourists who have ventured away during this time need to know some tips before they leave to ensure their journey is successful. Booking in advance is very important as this will avoid disappointment and give travellers a sense of ease. The best hotels and flights will be cheaper in advance, and tours and activities should also be reserved to ensure a spot. Anyone who is committed to saving money will have to be flexible with their dates and time of travel, so that they can find the best deal for their holiday.

It is best to avoid travelling on a Friday or Saturday night and coming back on a Sunday or a Monday morning, as these times are always high in demand. Before a holiday-maker leaves for the trip he or she should stock up on trip essentials. These differ according to where and when the person is going, but the main point is to purchase these items during the sales. For a winter holiday tourists may need ski equipment, which can usually be quite expensive. The best way to avoid this is to get to the sales the year before and put these items in storage for the following season. The same idea is applied to beach wear for summer excursions away.


When going away on a break that’s during peak season tourists should arrive early at places of interest. The queues at popular attractions will definitely be long during busy period of the year, so travellers should prepare by heading out early. In cities such as London there is a special pass that can be bought that allows travellers to fast-track their way to the front of a queue. The London Pass is great for getting around and includes entry into more than 60 places of interest such as Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and Kensington Palace. It allows tourists to skip long queues and save money in the English capital at the same time. 

The best destination for tourists when staying at the centre of the city is close to transport stops and sights. There are many amazing Baker Street hotels and one to try out is the wonderful Park Avenue Baker Street Hotel. This fabulous residence is minutes away from Regent’s Park and has air-conditioned rooms with a flatscreen television and Wi-Fi that’s a great way to check emails or keep up with current affairs. The hotel’s lovely double and club rooms have many modern amenities such as a microwave, fridge and chilled mineral water.

An interesting way to travel around major cities such as London is to go to destinations that are not on the tourist trail. This is a wonderful way to avoid large crowds and enjoy the many hidden gems that a city has to offer. The best thing a traveller can do is work out where he or she wants to go when they are on holiday. Once a plan has been made then they can buy the relevant tickets and relax. A trip away is about enjoying a break so visitors in a new city or town should plan ahead, so that the holiday is memorable and an enjoyable experience.

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