The Best Places to Head to In Hyde Park for a Wonderful Day Out in London

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Travellers who head to London will definitely venture to the amazing Hyde Park that is found in the heart of the city. This giant green space is full of fun activities and is genuinely ideal for all ages. Families will adore coming here for its superb Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground that has a wooden pirate ship at its centre. Children can get inside the tepee camp as well as enjoy climbing the ladders and playing on the slides. The playground was inspired by Peter Pan and also includes a sensory trail of fragrant plants and sound features. The park offers the gorgeous Diana Fountain also created in honour of the late princess.

This stunning piece of sculpture has water flowing from the highest point in two directions before it meets in pool at the bottom. There are three bridges that allow travellers to cross the water to get to the heart of the fountain. It is often a place where visitors dip their toes in the cool water in the summer months. Another superb part of the park is the Serpentine Lake that is a lovely place to have a wander around. The name comes from its shape that is like a snake that curves around, and it’s an ideal spot for both adults and children. Tourists can enjoy a relaxing ride on the pedalos and rowing boats or have a swim during hotter weather. 


Tourists in central London will want to stay at the heart of the city and the best place to pick is the superb Admiral Hotel. This top destination has amazing rooms with modern amenities including a flatscreen television and Wi-Fi. The hotel is found in a Grade II listed building that is beautiful both on the outside and inside. This is one of the best hotels near Hyde Park London and is perfect for families with rooms that can take up to five people. Hyde Park is perfect for relaxing in but is also wonderful for sports including football, rugby and tennis.

There is also the opportunity to go horse-riding along its pretty bridleways that can also be tried out by beginners who can have lessons. This green space is perfect for tourists who want to get away from the bustle of the city centre. There are plenty of people who settle down with a book or take a picnic with them for lunch. The park offers deckchairs to hire between the months of March to October. Somewhere that culture enthusiasts will definitely enjoy heading are the Serpentine Galleries that provide exquisite contemporary art.

Speakers’ Corner is a superb part of the park that is found near the Marble Arch entrance. It is busy on Sunday afternoons when people head there to listen to orators giving a speech about the top subjects of the day at this historic location. Tourists will also adore heading to the beautiful Kensington Palace that was once home to Princess Diana and now houses her sons William and Harry. It has gorgeous gardens and tourists will be very excited to see its regal interior that is a stunning vision to behold. Travellers must try out the lovely afternoon tea at this attraction that has tasty scones made with fresh fruit from the palace’s orangery.

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