The Most Beautiful Places In London

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Do you think that you know London? Well, what if I told you that there are many hidden gems that lie in wait off the main streets and roads. Even in the concrete metropolis that is London, there’s loads of beauty to be found. Spend those warm summer evenings strolling around London taking in these beautiful places and get to know a part of the Capital that you never knew existed. Well, here’s your chance to find out more. This guide hopes to highlight some of the most stunning parts of this great city.

St Paul’s Cathedral

It may be obvious, but this great landmark is one of the most beautiful to be found within London. It’s an iconic part of the London Skyline. Each day, tens of thousands of people pass by it. Are you one of them? Have you stopped to appreciate its beauty? Well, you should! Inside and out… it’s breath-taking all over. The cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren and stands testament to his genius. Just look its ceiling, you will never find a greater piece of symmetry.

Neal’s Yard

You may have walked right past it time after time… But Neal’s Yard is arguably one of London’s scenic streets. Located opposite Covent Garden, the area is home to loads of independent shops, pubs, café’s, and more. So, if you wanted to take some time to sit back and watch the world pass you by and relax and maybe play a game or two on the Kitty Bingo site or enjoy reading a book. There’s no better place to do it.

The British Museums Great Hall

As enter this fantastic hall, you will be astonished at the beauty and ambiance that is unleashed. The marble floor and walls create the illusion and light within the two-acre site. Ideal for people watching and doing a spot of reading or taking a break from the museum housed around the giant former courtyard. So, if you want to take time out and take some time to collect your thoughts… There’s no better place.

Notting Hill and Portobello

This is a very colourful part of London. As you stroll along, you will find pastel coloured houses and candy façades. On Portobello Road, you will find one of the largest vintage fairs. You will also find antiques along the trendy stretch of road. This is not a normal high street; you will find all types of odds and ends available as you take it all in. You’ll also find loads of interesting places to eat as well.


This is a true beauty spot. It’s just a short trip away from the city center – a true haven from the big city. There’s much to see including Ham House, which is owned by the National Trust. Richmond is filled with wonderful amenities such as pubs, restaurants, and cafes. You will get to experience beautiful Royal Parks and open spaces, historic houses, theatres, museums, galleries, and exhibits– just remember, London is only 20 minutes away!

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