Three Ways to Raise Travel Cash

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If you love to travel, and I am betting that you do, then you know that raising the cash to travel is a never-ending story. Sure, I have met a few along the way who have the ready cash to go when they want, but for most of us it is a careful balance between finding the time to travel and finding the work to support our habit.


While most of us take our time to plan out our finances, put the money aside and then head out the door on that next great adventure, it isn’t that only way we travel. Sometimes an offer for a free place to stay, a special sale on transport to a place we have always wanted to see or some other opportunity comes up that we just can’t ignore.

When it does, we need to raise the rest of the cash, and fast. I find that when this type of thing happens there are two ways to raise the money. Take on an extra job or sell something. Most of the time it ends up being a combination of the two. Here are a few ways I have used that got me some quick cash for my next destination. If any of these work for you, then let’s hope they give you some ideas for how to corral some cash quick for that next flight to adventure.

Sell What You Don’t Need

I am always amazed how much stuff I have sitting around at home, that I could probably sell if I really needed to do so. For women, it may be as simple a thing as opening up your closet and pulling out some great shoes you loved for a short time and then stopped wearing or that suit you loved but never really wore. While you can donate these types of things, there are always a few choice pieces that you can get some hard cash for. A little of some online research can often tell you if that Manolo Blahnik pair of shoes can get you a plane ticket out of here or not.

Books Take You Places

Another area most of us never consider is selling off our old textbooks. You can sell your textbooks online to several really great sites and get cold hard cash pretty quick for them. Of course, how much you get will depend on the subject, how old they are and how many universities and colleges are still using that particular book. But if you are only recently out of the old grind, you may be able to bankroll that plane ticket from what is sitting on your bookshelves right now.

Serve It Up

Waitressing and tending bar have to be just about the fastest way to make quick cash, and those who travel use it in a number of ways. I have found that at times I have used my barkeep license at home to make quick cash at private parties while using my ability to waitress while abroad to make money under the table while enjoying a bit of a change of pace.

So, get creative, look around and see what you don’t really need and keep that barkeep license handy. Even having a license to pour, not the same as bartending but close enough, can make you some quick casual cash for the next travel adventure.

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