Tips For Great Family Vacations

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Family trips are great opportunities to relax, unwind and reconnect. Making memories for years to come and enjoying new experiences are all part of great family vacations. For some families, with multiple younger children, sometimes a vacation is seen as transferring the stresses from one location to the next. With some careful planning and the right frame of mind, your family vacation can be a relaxing time that you look forward to every year. Some families chose to head to the same destination every year, appreciating the familiarity and memories accumulated over years and sometimes generations. Others elect to seek out a new destination and adventure every summer.  Both will have enormous rewards over the years.   Follow these planning tips from the professionals to get your trip off to a great start and finish with a bang of great memories.


If you’re traveling with your children and your destination in more than eight hours driving time, consider booking a hotel room for the evening to break up the trip. Everyone will arrive fresh and ready for a great vacation instead tired and cramped from an overly long car ride.  Pack sufficient snacks and car games for the children that are age appropriate. Try to limit the amount of screen time the children have in the car. This will hinder sleep efforts and stifle family time!  Children also have a hard time transitioning from passively watching screens to actively participating in family discussions and activities. Have the children participate in making snack and game selection and they’ll feel respected and much more a part of the process. Children love to be empowered.  Map out your route to your destination that includes points of interest for stops every two and a half to three hours.  The driver and the children need a break and have a chance to stretch. This is also a good time to switch drivers if possible. Be sure to time your departure such that you arrive at your final destination after the requested check-in time. There’s nothing worse than waiting in a long que to pick up a key after having driven so many hours.  Follow these tips and your trip is sure to be a great success.

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